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Your Weekend ‘SuperMoon’ Photos from Around the World

Did you hear there was something special about the full Moon this weekend… that it would be, well… really super? I heard about it on every newscast I watched or listened to. Even xkcd got into the ‘Supermoon’ craze. The July “Buck” Moon was the first of three Supermoons on tap for 2014, where the Moon is at its perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit, close to the time when it is “officially” full. 

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Stunning and magnificent pictures thank you 
Is link down? I get an error. Really want to see these. :)
Always somebody that can't just admire the awe and beauty of a natural event. Nope. They gotta inflect their beliefs in supernatural superstitions. Repeating what some sheep shit coated shepherd said 2500 years ago. Even with all the advances made in that time span a majority of credulous cult members in America believe some giant hand rolled a pile of dust into planets and moons. Ain't that right +roselilly63 ?
Wow! That cool and awesome!!!!!
Fly me to the moon and let me gaze upon the stars........
la luna ejerce influencia sobre los seres humanos ylas plantas ejenplo hoy me siento susestible un poco tritona melancolica osea tiene k ver con las emocines y loconvato comiendo esoes lo malo k engordo por culpa de dona luna
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