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Humanitarian action that places human rights at its center is key to ensure protection for all victims, said UN experts today for the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit. Many conflicts could be avoided through greater attention to human rights by national and international actors before violence breaks out, saving countless lives and avoiding the need for costly humanitarian action, they noted referring to recent conflicts in which widespread violations of human rights have been witnessed.

The experts also expressed deep concern about the downgrading of attention to human rights in some emergency settings and conflicts: “It is in crisis and conflict that individuals and communities are most at risk and in need of protection. Yet it is often at these times that we see human rights violations taking place with impunity and attention to human rights weakened or neglected.”

“The objective to ‘leave no-one behind’ requires special attention to those who may be in particular situations of vulnerability they noted, including children, youth, minorities, indigenous peoples, migrants, internally displaced persons, refugees, stateless persons, persons with disabilities, members of the LGBTI community, older persons, and women and girls exposed to multiple threats,” the experts said.
“Those whose lives and homes have been shattered must have their immediate needs met, but they are given hope for the future in their own countries through the knowledge that their rights and dignity will be fully respected during and in the aftermath of crisis,” they stressed.

The Summit offers a unique opportunity to give greater attention to human rights by all actors at every phase - from prevention measures to emergency assistance and recovery, the UN experts noted. They called for “better enforcement of international humanitarian law and international human rights law and standards as a high priority for all States and the international community.”

“Understanding and addressing the adverse impact of both domestic policies and external international action are effective ways to address the root-causes of humanitarian crises,” the human rights experts said.
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Homophobia & transphobia are no different from sexism, misogyny, racism or xenophobia. Yet we've seen many comments claiming that ‪#‎humanrights‬ do not apply to all, or downplaying the violence & discrimination that LGBT face globally. We must meet the challenge that humanity still faces today – the task of learning to live together, as equals, in dignity, and with respect. In the words of our Deputy High Commissioner, "You don't have to like me to respect my rights." Do you agree?
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+Katherine Marbury really lucky you then !!!
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Photo: A woman inspects what's left of her house after clashes in Cizre. ‪#‎Turkey‬ has informed us that it would be pleased to welcome a visit by our ‪#‎HumanRights‬ Chief ‪#‎Zeid‬, following our statement we released on Tuesday about alleged #humanrights violations in south-east Turkey. (See our earlier FB post for details)

Zeid has sent a letter renewing our request to the Turkish Government’s for its formal agreement to allow a UN Human Rights Office team to have access to the country, in order to independently examine allegations of violations of international law, including conflicting and competing claims. He emphasized that full and unhindered access for the UN human rights team -- to the affected population and locations, authorities, documentation and other relevant materials in south-east Turkey -- is essential for any credible fact-finding exercise. We are ready to send a team at the earliest opportunity and, in light of the statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, look forward to swift official confirmation that this mission will indeed be welcomed and fully supported by the Turkish authorities.
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Photo: Remembering the victims of the Srebrenica massacre. Never forget this genocide, and never again. But many survivors cannot forget - like Azra, who was tortured & raped for 6 months by Serbian soldiers. See how Vive Žene, an organization supported by our UN Torture Fund, has helped Azra learn how to live again.

If you know professionals who work with torture victims, let them know how our Fund can help them. Or make a donation on our webpage to offer torture victims a life-saving journey from horror to healing.
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No forum within the UN system has embraced civil society as thoroughly as the UN Human Rights Council. It is absolutely vital that victims, defenders, activists and other civil society groups be empowered to cooperate with and contribute to the Council’s work without obstruction and fear of reprisals. Much more should be done to pressure States int implementing ‪#‎humanrights‬ recommendations, and to act on information received. See our High Commissioner's statement: 
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‪#‎Burundi‬: Our ‪#‎HumanRights‬ Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein condemns the increasing number of attacks against high level officials, including most recently the assassination of Brigadier General Athanase Kararuza and his wife on Monday, and the apparent assassination attempt against the Minister of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender, Martin Nivyabandi, the previous day, Sunday 24 April.

"I strongly condemn these attacks," Zeid said. "They must be properly investigated and the killers must be arrested and brought before the law. Some 31 people have been killed in attacks so far in April, compared to a total of nine people in the last month. The great majority of these attacks were carried out by unidentified armed men. I fear that the increasing number of targeted assassinations will inevitably exacerbate the already extremely dangerous spiral of violence and unrest in Burundi."

He strongly encourages all parties to seize the opportunity of the upcoming East African Community-led Burundian talks in Arusha to engage in a meaningful dialogue, with the aim of improving the human rights situation and finding a lasting solution to the ongoing political crisis.
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Photo: Homeless people sleep in a train station. UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing Leilani Farha calls on #India to develop a national housing law, anchored in #humanrights law, that includes a moratorium on evictions, immediate obligations to adequately address homelessness, and that is in line with some of its most progressive state plans for in situ rehabilitation for slum dwellers. 

“I am extremely concerned for the millions of people who experience exclusion, discrimination, evictions, insecure tenure, homelessness and who lack hope of accessing affordable and adequate housing in their lifetimes,” Farha said.

“I was told and have read that evictions happen often, but rarely with due process and strict adherence to international human rights law. Some Government officials consider forced evictions to be justified where occupants do not own the land. Under international human rights law, this is not the case.” Farha added.

The UN expert said she observed a lack of urgency in dealing with the extreme living conditions of those who are homeless, as well as a lack of visibility for these issues.

“I am also seriously concerned that pervasive issues such as domestic violence are at times not linked with the right to live in a home in peace and security,” she said. “There also seem to be some gaps between Government policy-making and the court rulings that highlight the Government’s obligations to protect the dignity and right to life of vulnerable populations.”
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God bless the Palestinians that's homeless God bless anyone that's without a home no matter where you may be , I hope your situation gets better and you get the support you need and blessed with a job.
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Photo: A gurney used for executions by lethal injection. We welcome the initiatives announced by pharmaceutical company Pfizer to ensure that the drugs it produces will not be used by States to carry out executions by lethal injection.

“Businesses, across many industries, can help prevent human rights violations from occurring,” our High Commissioner Zeid said. “It is heartening to see companies playing an active role in furthering the trend towards ending use of the death penalty.”

The company announced that it would restrict the sale of seven products that have been part of lethal injection protocols in some States. Resale will be restricted and Government entities will be required to certify that the products they purchase will not be used for any penal purposes. Pfizer has said it will monitor the distribution consistently.

High Commissioner Zeid called on all businesses to act in accordance with their human rights responsibilities as set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, to “avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts through their own activities, and address such impacts when they occur” as well as to “seek to prevent or mitigate adverse human rights impacts that are directly linked to their operations, products or services”.

He noted that other companies, beyond the pharmaceutical industry, may be involved in activities relating to the administration of the death penalty, and called on such businesses to carry out human rights due diligence across their operations to ensure that they are not in any way contributing to the use of capital punishment.

Zeid also urged States not to resort to questionable sources for the drugs required to administer lethal injections. He stressed that the UN opposes the use of the death penalty in all circumstances.
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There is a situation in Maine that is looking for Brian Bigelow there have been at least 3 from my family that have been sent wrongfully 2 death death situation in place of Brian Bigelow mr. Bigelow resides on the northeast side of Greensboro North Carolina he is currently using the name David Shapiro . This man has caused a tremendous amount of trouble for my family he swears he will have me dead within 10 days we're hoping they will pick up Brian Bigelow soon and as there is a lot of trouble that follows him around he is very computer savvy he uses computers to slide money out of accounts to cyber stalk to terrorize to harass and manipulate others this is one man's opinion on his record does state that a fact but it's one man's opinion I have been on very abused by him myself and I do certainly wish the authorities would pick him up and I hate the situation that there has to be a tough situation for some inmates but it seems there is no other choice due to the horrendous axe of violence these individuals act out
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#Australia violated the rights of 2 deaf people, who when they were called up for jury service, were refused the support they needed, UN #humanrights experts found. If a State is serious about equality for all its citizens, then the idea of accessibility applies to all spheres of life. “Lack of ability to participate sends a message that you as a deaf person are less worthy than other members of the State... We are setting an important precedent, and sending a clear message that people with disabilities have the right to participate in a country’s public affairs. In some countries, jury duty is an important part of this.” See the full story:
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Yaak it's disgasting
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Photo: A woman looks through the rubble of her destroyed house in Cizre, #Turkey. We have received a succession of alarming reports about #humanrights violations allegedly committed by Turkish military &security forces in south-east Turkey over the past few months. We urge the Turkish authorities to give independent investigators, including UN staff, unimpeded access to the area to verify the veracity of such reports. “In 2016, to have such a lack of information about what is happening in such a large and geographically accessible area is both extraordinary and deeply worrying,” our High Commissioner Zeid said. “This black-out simply fuels suspicions about what has been going on.”

“I strongly condemn violence and other unlawful acts committed by the youth groups and other non-state agents, allegedly affiliated with the PKK , in Cizre and other areas, and I regret any loss of life as a result of terrorist acts wherever they have occurred,” our High Commissioner Zeid said. “However, while Turkey has a duty to protect its population from acts of violence, it is essential that the authorities respect human rights at all times while undertaking security or counter-terrorism operations – and international law prohibiting torture, extrajudicial killings, disproportionate use of lethal force and arbitrary detention must be observed.”

We have received reports of unarmed civilians – including women and children – being deliberately shot by snipers, or by gunfire from tanks and other military vehicles. “There also appears to have been massive, and seemingly highly disproportionate, destruction of property and key communal infrastructure – including buildings hit by mortar or shellfire, and damage inflicted on the contents of individual apartments and houses taken over by security forces,” he said. “There are also allegations of arbitrary arrests, and of torture and other forms of ill-treatment, as well as reports that in some situations ambulances and medical staff were prevented from reaching the wounded. On top of all this, there has been huge displacement triggered by the curfews and by subsequent fighting, shelling, killings and arrests in many places in the south-east.” “Most disturbing of all,” the High Commissioner said, “are the reports quoting witnesses and relatives in Cizre which suggest that more than 100 people were burned to death as they sheltered in three different basements that had been surrounded by security forces.”

“All these allegations, including those levelled at the groups fighting against the security forces, are extremely serious and should be thoroughly investigated, but do not appear to have been so far,” Zeid said. “The Turkish Government has not responded positively to requests by my Office and other parts of the United Nations to visit the region to collect information first-hand.” The UN Human Rights Chief noted that more information has emerged from Cizre compared to other districts, towns and villages in the south-east – including Silopi, Nusaybin and the Sur district of Diyarbakır, the main city in the region – which were sealed off for weeks on end, and are still next to impossible to access, because of the heavy security presence.

Noting alarm bells rung by other international human rights entities in recent weeks, Zeid called for a prompt investigation and prosecution of all those suspected of being involved in violations of the right to life, including extrajudicial killings and disproportional use of lethal force, and stressed that the judiciary should act independently from all other branches of the State, including the military and the Executive. He also called on the Turkish authorities to allow the return of all those who have been forcibly displaced, and urged them to ensure that, in future, curfews are limited to the minimum duration necessary and with due concern for human rights obligations and humanitarian considerations.
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Photo by United Nations OCHA: Little girl at Al-Riad shelter in Aleppo,‪#‎Syria‬. The latest strikes on hospitals & markets reveal a monstrous disregard for civilian lives. We urge all sides to not return to all-out war.

“In short, the violence is soaring back to the levels we saw prior to the cessation of hostilities. There are deeply disturbing reports of military build-ups indicating preparations for a lethal escalation,” said our ‪#‎HumanRights‬Chief ‪#‎Zeid‬. “Reports are coming in from Aleppo, Homs, Damascus and Rural Damascus, Idleb and Deir ez-Zour of mounting civilian casualties.

- In Idleb last week, on 19 April, bombs were reportedly dropped in a vegetable market in Maarat al-Nu’man, the busiest area in town, during the busiest part of the day, killing at least 44 people and destroying dozens of shops.

- In the town of Kafr Nabel, bombs were again dropped on a market in the busiest area of the town, narrowly missing an after-school centre containing 50 children aged 6 to 10.

- In the opposition-controlled part of Aleppo over the past few days, pro-Government aircraft have destroyed a key hospital and other medical facilities reportedly killing a number of medical personnel, including the only remaining paediatrician in the area, as well as many patients. In the Government-controlled part of Aleppo, another hospital was struck and many civilians killed in attacks launched in a number of neighbourhoods.”

We have documented, over the years, numerous attacks on hospitals and other medical facilities as well numerous strikes on marketplaces during busy shopping times — which, depending on the circumstances, may amount to war crimes. Civilians also remain trapped in besieged villages, towns and cities across Syria. Many innocent civilians are at risk of starvation and have no access to adequate medical care. The towns of Fu’a and Kefraya, outside the city of Aleppo are a case in point. “The inhabitants of these towns remain at grave risk of revenge attacks by opposition groups, should truce agreements collapse,” Zeid said.
While information is much more difficult to gather from ISIL-occupied areas, the High Commissioner expressed deep concern at the numerous allegations of civilian casualties due to air strikes. “Urgent action is needed by all relevant actors to ensure the protection of civilians and their right to life, and to fight the impunity that has done so much to encourage the multitude of horrendous breaches of international humanitarian law and international human rights law that have taken place in Syria over the past five years,” Zeid stressed.
“In the context of such an abysmal situation, the persistent failure of the Security Council to refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court is an example of the most shameful form of realpolitik. In the minds of a many, the world’s great powers have in effect become accomplices to the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of human beings, and the displacement of millions. There is currently no disincentive for any of the many war criminals in Syria to stop contributing to the wild spiral of killing and destruction that has engulfed the country.”
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When the innocent human beings are dying in Syrian the world is watching.Its indeed sick and saddening.The United Human Rights,you have the power to bring these to hand.When will these sufferings stop.When will the Syrian people have peace and live their God gifted life,The answer lies in the Actions and the measures that you will take to bring these to an end. 
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We commend the invaluable work of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (IGIE) in ‪#‎Mexico‬ on the case of the enforced disappearance in Iguala of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa teacher-training college in Guerrero State, and the killing of six others in 2014. As our High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein stressed during his mission to Mexico last October, it is very important that the Government acts decisively on the IGIE’s recommendations and ensures the rights to truth and justice of the victims and their families. We urge them to fully explore the new lines of inquiry suggested by the Group, and to strengthen the investigations into this emblematic case. We are however concerned about the many challenges and obstacles reported by the experts that may have prevented certain lines of inquiries from being further explored, including regarding the roles and responsibilities of the military and other official authorities. We call on the Government to ensure effective follow-up to the investigation report and to tackle the broader structural challenges it has exposed. 
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