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#Yemen: The outrageous attack on a funeral makes an international investigation into the country even more vital. “The UN Human Rights Council's inability to take decisive action by setting up an intl investigation is contributing to a climate of impunity, and violations continue to occur on a regular basis. Such outrageous attacks cannot be allowed to continue,” said UN Human Rights Chief Zeid. Learn more:

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What joy. Is there in WITNESSING ANOTHERS PAIN....when are the COUNTRIES going to END the KILLING of ONE ANOTHER, when they have KILLED the LAST LIVING MAN STANDING will they, then, throw down their weapons of MAXED OUT FUTILITY ....??

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“We know inside Syria that the health workers are the most targeted people. Sometimes they are more targeted than military" 
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Thanks for U.N. Human Rights because of very kind work
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Mandela's words are our moral compass - for humanity, not inhumanity. Including for people on the move! You don’t have to like me to respect my rights. I don’t have to agree with you to uphold your rights. You don’t have to be like me, for me to protect your rights. Rights are not a system of endorsement or appreciation – they are not an award or a test result nor a beauty parade. Human rights are for the best and for the worst of us. For each of us – to the exclusion of none of us in the interests of all of us.
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A must-read: Our new Global Human Rights Update, which addresses many of the country issues you have raised in the comments section on G+. This Update highlights our concern over this emerging pattern -> the growing refusal by an increasing number of Member States to grant us access – either to countries generally, or to specific regions. The Update discusses States that have granted us access, those that have not, or have yet to do so 
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Watch: Our High Commissioner #Zeid's warning against populists & demagogues in Europe & US - Wilders, Trump, Orban, Zeman, Hofer, Fico, Le Pen, Farage
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+Michael Cammock browse "Kalergi plan".
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Photo: A mother holds her child, who has albinism. Who are the masterminds of attacks against persons with albinism in #Mozambique? "From cradle to grave, they are hunted & their body parts are wanted – everything from their heads to their toes, their hair, their nails and even their feces are collected," said UN expert Ikponwosa Ero. Full story:
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That's Satanism
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Photo: A little girl walks through a drought hit rice field. Is your country doing enough to protect all human rights from the impacts of climate change? Review your country’s intended nationally determined contribution & national adaptation plans. Ensure that intl climate action respects human rights:

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Photo: A woman holds her grandchild in Flint, Michigan (USA), where 6000-12000 children, mostly African-American, were exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water. Children are arguably the most vulnerable to toxics and pollution. UN expert Baskut Tuncak urges States and businesses to prevent childhood exposure to toxics and pollution
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I am sure that You there at +United Nations Human Rights​ have been following the American Elections quite closely and so I feel to say, as a concerned citizen of Planet Earth, (even if?, from way over here in New Zealand), that the new President elect Mr Donald J Trump needs to be watched very closely with his implementation of his over the top policies that are, by design.... Only geared towards his so called "saving money" by taking it from those that are in great need of it through the Obamacare Health scheme.... And likewisely with the building of the wall separating Mexico from the United States of America and then making the Mexicans pay for it?, is just another way for Donald J Trump to not only deceitfully aquire huge amounts of money from Mexico?, but also cause as much grief as possible to those who are caught up in the whole process. And his promise to deport all drug dealers and the like is only meant for those that are minor players in the so called game, so that he can then be best friends with all of the major drug cartel bosses at his own leisure. So I also thought to include +Buckingham Palace​ and +Windsor Castle​ in on this, My message to You here today and hope that You keep not only a close eye on the outworkings of the Donald Trump campaign, but also those of whom he appoints to positions of power. Plus, and in conclusion.... I really fear for those that are Migrants in America that are just trying to get away from the wars in their own land under the new Trump Administration as he only has disruption and aggravation on his mind that way to, and only as his whole electioneering campaign has shown. 
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Race-baiting bigots must be confronted, UN Human Rights Chief Zeid urged at the #UN4RefugeesMigrants Summit just now. The world has failed millions of migrants, but we can change this together. This speech is a must-read:
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
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+said duale Particularly from those who seek to eliminate freedom and rights.
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#Bulgaria: "They call them 'migrant hunters' or 'citizen protection' organizations." Unchecked atmosphere of anti-migrant discourse results in human rights abuses.
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
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Photo: A woman walks by an anti-Muslim ("Musulman") inscription written on the wall of a mosque. Populists and demagogues in Europe & US are fanning bigotry & hate. Speak out against xenophobia & racism. Speak for the rights of all. Say clearly: stop! Follow this link for our High Commissioner Zeid's statement:
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Now this I support 110%
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Official Google+ page of the United Nations Human Rights office. Join us to help ensure human rights for everyone, everywhere!
This is the Google+ page of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The High Commissioner heads the UN’s work on human rights. She has a unique mandate to promote and protect all human rights. Her office works to educate and empower individuals and assists governments in fulfilling their human rights obligations. It also provides substantive, secretariat and research support to UN human rights mechanisms such as the intergovernmental Human Rights Council and its independent experts, and expert committees that help governments implement their obligations under international human rights law. A part of the United Nations Secretariat, OHCHR has its headquarters in Geneva, with representatives in 54 countries.

OHCHR does not guarantee the accuracy of any comments posted to its social media outlets, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and others. Users must not post any content that is obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, harassing, abusive or hateful to any person or groups. OHCHR reserves the right to delete or edit any comments that it considers inappropriate or unacceptable.
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