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UK by Train
Travelling the UK cheaply by rail
Travelling the UK cheaply by rail

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Now you can read about every Railcard available in the United Kingdom.

Railcards allow you to buy discounted train tickets for travel in the United Kingdom. There are a wide range of Railcards available including Railcards for seniors, for travellers aged between 16 and 26 and for two or more travellers travelling together that are valid for travel throughout the United Kingdom. There are also some Railcards available to everyone regardless of their age, although these are restricted to travel within a specific geographic area.

Railcards are different to rail passes in that they do not entitle you to any travel on their own, but instead entitle you to a discount on any train tickets you purchase. Discounts are usually around one third off the price of your ticket and in most instances you can also use a Railcard to get discounted travel on Rover and Ranger rail passes.

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We've added a map showing where you can travel using the BritRail London Plus rail pass.
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