So that happened - see the video highlights
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Herr Sonnen. Is a Hittler with muscles
Chael is being an epic idiot! He is so brave, he is soooo smart.
But most importantly he fails to do: Become a Champion.

I hope Anderson kick him so hard he can not speak in the post fight :)
This is going to be one of the craziest fights ever. Watched their first fight a few days ago again. Such a good one.
Silva will win, he won INJURED and he did underestimate sonnen last time. i think it wont even go to championship rounds sonnen will lose and Silva will remain the Middleweight champion. sonnen knows he's gonna lose he's just promoting his self and the fight. He can make more money running his mouth than he can fighting. he'll need to prove all this in the cage and he wont. he's a fighter not a comedian and as a fighter he will lose in the cage to Silva
How exactly did he underestimate Sonnen? Sonnen insulted Silva's camp and said his Nogueira Balck Belt was equivalent to a McDojo Black Belt, then he tapped to a triangle. Can you tell me how many triangles Sonnen has tapped to so far? I know of at least 3. Silva fought injured and he was making a point by keeping his hips below Sonnen during the whole fight until the triangle came along. That's not some happy go lucky coincidence.
I still say Silva played to Dana and made the fight competitive and when it was almost over, threw up the triangle and took back the belt. Think about it, he was threatened to be out of a job if he had another outing like the Damian fight. Just saying. Silva should decimate Sonnen to prove a point
Er Vin
1st rd technical knock out heavily injured and retirement, good knowing you chael
You're gonna die, Chael Sonnen!!! You're a looser!!! Why won't you come fighting in Brazil, Are you afraid??? Clown!!!
The only thing chael has going for him is that he will take Silva out of his comfort zone and go fight him. Watch Okami. He holds back all of his punches and is afraid to flip the switch. If you show fear in the first few seconds against Silva he's already won. Chael knows he's going to get hit, he knows it's going to hurt, but he didn't fear and won't fear Silva. Take note other fighters, don't try to go the distance against him, go in there with guns blazing. It's your only chance. Godspeed
There is a difference between getting hit by someone with a broken rib and getting hit by someone with no broken ribs. What fear did Vitor Belfort display when he got front kicked in the face and knocked silly? Okami had the worst game plan ever out of all the contenders to Silva, he abandoned his base. Chael doesn't know how well Silva hits when he's fully healthy.
Vitor didn't go in there with guns blazing. Silva allows his opponents to feel him out and opens up on them leaving them unconscious. Vitor should have just rushed forward like Chael did. I agree with you though, and chael won't make it out of the fight without being humbled by Silva in the most painful way. If anything, I learned that Silva is human from the chael fight before I thought, "wow, cyborg."
The only reason Chael was able to rush forward like that is because Silva was protecting his ribs. A big knee will end their next fight.
^ this guy is right Vitor didng go in full force, like Jon Jones people let Silva feel them out, Sonnen did do the right thing and Go agressive but it never hurt silva, silva will make this fight look easy
I think chael may have had silva rocked once in the fight that's it, but for a guy who sparred with Badar letting him hit him the way he did and not go down? Wow, that's a chin. Silva will hurt Chael, chael will claim to be champ, chael.follows Brock, good riddance
we wont see the same silva we saw last time, Sonnen will have the exact same game plan to rush in and go for a takedown, but silva wont let him this time. Sonnen wont even make it to the Champoinship rounds.. Silva by either submission or TKO within first 3 rounds
I hope he throws up a triangle in spite but puts him to sleep. Chael will say he can't win a fight bywrapping legs around another man and claim he won. However, it would be funny if chael learned to defend a triangle
i think silva's stand up will actualy be the big difference in this fight, he only hit sonnen like a few times last time and sonnen come out looking way worse than silva did. i think silva will use his movement and hands to stop the takedown and finish sonnen
very true lol, i think he's actual scared of silva. he trash talks for that reason and to self promote his self. if u watched the press conference he looked nervous. This wont be the same fight
he's gonna lose, thats all there is to it
Leave chael alone, he has one testicle
Let it be known, if chael does win, it's going to insane. But that's a huge "if." I just hope the fight is quick with Silva decimating chael. If it goes more than 2 rounds, I want to see the first ever 5 round decision scoring each round 10/8 with silva on top. It's not that I hate chael, it's just that I want him to get out of his dream world
I had a funny thought, Silva destroys Chael with no remorse, but right when we think he's about to KO Chael, he jumps in and throws on a tight triangle just in spite of Chael's lack of sub defense. It would be a hilarious ending to the fight and there goes Chael. "He didn't win. You don't win a fight by throwing your legs around someone." I would love to have Chael prove his doubters wrong, but I DOUBT he will. He needs to go straight forward and FIGHT Silva. Love him or hate him, Chael is doing what he does best and is making the UFC happy by hyping this fight up. Remember, bad publicity is good publicity and makes more money for the higher ups. Someone's going to bleed, we all know that
couldnt agree more, but he knows he's gonna lose he's just promoting himself and the fight..he stands up and acts like a comedian more than he fights. but this isnt comedy central chael this is mma. u say ur the best and u beat silva when YOU TAPED! he's no better than silva even if he does win he just has the right style. but when u've lost 11 times 8 by submission 2 by ko/tko and 1 decision oh yea dude your a boss! he talks crap about silva when he's won more and loss only 4 times and out of those 4 loses NONE WERE TO SONNEN! and one of his wins were to sonnen
Bisbing and sonnen r my 2 least favorite, hendo and silva r my 2 favorites ever! and Fedor. but what hendo did to bisbing was close to the greatest moment in my life! lol
lol thanks tony, Matt dude or douche who ever u r i aint literal about that and bisbing ran his mouth SO MUCH i was just happy to see him get his trash talkin mouth shut.
I have to say, Bisbing is slowly becoming a force at 185. Personally, I thought if he was given the nod against Sonnen I would have been ok with it. Like him or not, he's matured as a fighter. Sure it was awesome to see Hendo make sure he was quiet, but he has some of the best hands in mma. And Sonnen 1 nut didn't do anything against Michael. Just saying. give bisbing Lombard to see if he can do anything with that, but either way he's more than deserved a shot at the title. Maybe one more top name and then shot
well Dana keeps feeding him easy fights, Bisbing has been offered shots and he's doged silva for years, that and the bisbing vs hammil fight was the worst call i have ever seen in any fight ever!
+Jesse Phillips tell me you wouldn't want to see Silva just destroy bisbing in a manner that he craps his pants. Just think about that. Heck give bisbing belfort, that or Franklin. So many solid matches out there for him. And I agree about the Hamill fight, even his own country tight he lost
+Tony Kilburn no worries, I don't even Browne Chael means everything he says. In fact I think he's scripted without having a writer. They egg him on knowing that it will pay off. By no means would I ever think he's the representative for all of anywhere. Team quest is one of my favorite camps because of how involved with the community they are
He kicked his ass but he got submitted, he will look better if he doesn't run his mouth that much
Cara...o Anderson Silva vai arrebentar a sua cara...dai sim vc vai precisar de mascara...rsrsrs...vai tirando onda ...vai...
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