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Aouch !!! Si que pega duro !!! Creo que mejor reconsiderare el ser un Peleador...
Este man una bestia cuando le saco la madre a Shogun, fuuuuu otro nivel, la nueva escuela sin duda
Amazing fighter who can fight standing, on the ground, submit...the definition of an MMA fighter :D
nope the spider anderson silva is the best pound for pound fightet~
yeah and they're not on the same weight category so...anyway i used to dislike jones but after watching the rampage fight well we've got to admit he's damn good, and still a young fighter ah can't wait for the fight against evans
Noooo,sarpado este Jon Jones!! 0.0
Of course he can, but if the fight goes to the ground or clich, jones is a bit better, and he's got a damn reach advantage, Lyoto handled the reach pretty good though in their fight, hope to see a new battle between those two
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