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I'm more of an MMA fan!!! My brother is in UFC fan though..my fighter is Josh Thomson!(: idk if there much difference but yeah 
What!(: alrite i guess it really don't matter because nothing is going to chage my ming about MMA :}
look lets put this to bed they should be going up with the actors to rx an oscar
For some reason to me it looks like a movie poster for a new star wars movie. LOL
Broken hand for Belfort . You can throw this away now.
sad chuck liddell left he was a very good fighter
To bad they have to change the photo again, vitor is out with a broke hand.
This has got to be free now that Belfort is out
J Krah
terrible card before Belfort got hurt... now its worse.
This fight will not happen anymore. Belfort broke his hand...
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