Watch UFC Primetime: Dos Santos vs. Mir - episode 2 also at
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This fight is going to be off the Hook!!!!
can't wait for this match up. But honestly I really wanted to see Dos Santos vs Overeem
heavy weights with minor exceptions are booooooring...
I wanted JDS vs Reem also. But this is a good match as well. 1st round KO to JDS!
Yeah Mir would want to get JDS to the ground ASAP for a sub. As we seen in the Nogueira fight Mir has a glass chin and JDS is five times the boxer Nogueira is.
I am going with JDS on this one.
If Minotauro knocked down Mir with punches, just imagine what JDS will do with him?

I will tell you more: On the 1st round!

Minotauro was very ingenuous to underestimate a good grappler like Mir. But JDS will not give a chance to go to the ground.
+KD Sapp Being in a fight before mean almost nothing to this article, you are correct about the KO part, that's what JDS has been doing his whole career!
Just got pumped real pumped for this ppv.... #StackedCard
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