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Rashad looks pissed that Jones dressed better than him.
I pick the little guy.....but, have 20 on the side for the big one. :)
HAHA +William Robinson . Its crazy how Jones makes everyone look SOOO SMALL!! I remember saying that when he fought Shogun, and I'm thinking it again. Rashad has his work cut out for him! This is going to be a good fight, but i got JBJ to retain the belt in his best match yet
I like that 1 bout the battle of the beards.....haha!!
Rashad better take him out! lol good luck to both of them though
Rashad looks to be two weight divisions smaller. Bones is a monster.
LMAO @ battle of the beards. I got JBJ but I don't see it as easy as his previous fights Rashad has got some major quickness but people forget JBJ is pretty damn quick himself. I think JBJ tko's Rashad in the 3rd or 4th mainly by using his length
the only chance for Shad is Lay and Pray for 5 rounds, If, and when Jones takes them down just ned a couple of elbows, Shad would not be ther same after the ground and pound i say TKO in the 3rd round
the only chance for Shad is Lay and Pray for 5 rounds, If, and when Jones takes him down just need a couple of elbows, Shad would not be the same after the ground and pound i say TKO in the 3rd round
Just look at the size difference, he get gets Shad down, its over
Machida has way better stand up than Rashad, and look what happend to him, but hey u can always dream!!!!!!!!!!!
Machida basically dismantled Rashad. JBJ had a harder time but he literally destroyed Machida. I know the pyramid rule doesn't work but I think all Shad has is a punchers chance very similar to Rampage
MMAMath doesn't work, but common sense does, Rashad doesnt have a better stand up than Machida and is alot shorter,so Jones will have a HUGE reach advantage, i don't even think he has a puncher chances, the onyl way is hold him down for 5 rounds i don't think he can't do that, just takes Jones one time, one chance for ground and pound even if he doesn't finish him he will have him hurt just like Shogun who wasnt the same after the first take down
im curious to see if Rashad can land that first takedown and hold him down. Havent seen Jones on his back. Not sure if he will be able to get close enough to get him down though.
very true, he has never been on his back and Shad is a beast when it comes to wrestling but Jones might be as good, also bigger and stronger with more leverage due to his length
e legal sena cara a cara sem traquejo Jones vs Rashad não vou perder essa luta
Rashad will get inside a few times in the first and second round before the stoppage in round 3 to save him from Jones.
Jones is an amazing fighter and rising star who is only getting better. Evans might be heading downhill as the sport goes but I think his heavy right is going to end the fight.
Jones' got this. But Rashad has a crazy 1 hit kill that Jones need to look out for..
Evans has fast hands, good defense and a solid ground game. He could be the one to truly test Jone's ability. Going to be a great event!
i think the best test at LHW will be a Gustaffon how ever u spell his last name lol, and i still think he will domanitae him i think Evans might be his easier fight, i fear Hendo a little bit he just has so much power but one dimentional the moment he takes him own and he will its done
i Love the main even, Jones is my favorite fighter and think he will dominate Shad but the card sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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