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StaticMeshes, Materials and SpeedTrees for the UDK to download
StaticMeshes, Materials and SpeedTrees for the UDK to download


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How normal can tangent-space NormalMaps be?

Not normal at all. Each program might handle the data that is baked into the NormalMap differently.

After a long research I found the right values and constraints:
The direction of the Y Rays is down to up
while the directions of the X Rays is right to left.

Notice that if you mirror the normal map you might have to mirror the other textures as well. You can download each texture by Nobiax by visiting his deviantArt gallery:

To shorten the process to fill out all those values you can preset them during the import dialog.

Since I'm the creation process of creating the modular castle build set it'll take a while until I've updated all packages.

Thank you for the feedback.
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The UDK packages are only up compatible. That's why all packs are created with the November 2009 release.

The export of each mesh via ASE exporter is not as comfortable as the FBX exporter. Since the FBX format is supported by the January 2011 and following releases I would like to know which versions most of you use:

Thank you.
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Finally...time for UDKResources. So what's up next?

Packs, packs and more packs. As you all posted a lot of suggestions what assets you want next I figured out the theme of the next few Static Mesh Packs:

1. Medieval Themed: large, modular Structures like towers, walls and simple houses
2. Medieval Themed: small, simple Objects to prettify the areas. To help me fulfill your need please submit some links using the following form:

3. Future/Sci-Fi Themed: similar to the 1. Medieval Themed pack
4. Future/Sci-Fi Themed: similar to the 2. Medieval Themed pack

During the creation of the named packs there might be releases of Materials Packs as well.
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Two new nobiax texture packs are out now.
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Master Update of Materials Person to the Max…


UDK November 2009 for maximum compatibility as packs aren’t downwardly compatible.
When you ‘Fully Load’ the pack for the first time it may need some time to load.


Old | New
PKG_Nobiax_Textures_01 | UDKR_Textures_01_Nobiax
MAT_Metal_01 | M_Metal_01
M_Metal_01 | M_001_Metal
T_Plants_01 | T_Plants01
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The last months were dead...

As you may noticed the last few months had a huge lack of content because I was busy. But now I’ve more time for you and your suggestions for new content. Nobiax also created a bunch of content that also will be packed for you.

Future plans include extra packing for older UDK versions. So please tell me which version you use to work with.
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Think global...
As this side is for the hole wide world you can now reach UDKResources via
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