TurboGears 2.3.11 is now available on PyPi

Changes in this release include:

* When configuring authentication it is now possible to provide ``('default', None)`` as an identifier to set custom identifiers and retain the default one.
* Python 3.6 is now officially supported
* Invalid requests (like GETs with a body) will not crash ``decode_params`` anymore.
* ``tg.util.webtest.test_context`` no longer depends on ``WebTest`` and can work on a plain ``TGApp`` instance.
* ErrorReporter now supports ``trace_errors.smtp_port`` option.
* ``trace_errors.enable = False`` can now disable error tracing middleware even when backlash is available
* Improved Kajiki template not found error message
* Support for datetime.time in json encoder
* Extract i18n from python code in kajiki templates by default
* Support for IPython in tgshell command.
* Add support for migrations from multiple databases when more than one database is involved.
* Fix for SCRIPT_NAME in login in quickstart template.
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