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Aamir is coming tomorrow with a new episode of SATYAMEV JAYATE.. any guess what it will about...

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it will be on corruption..............
Satymev jayte is the best for society and destroy all tragedy and curruption from people ..
nahi yaar lokpal to nahi lagta. vo to anna ka vishay he....
salam khan bhai ko i proud u
whatever the topic is he manages to do justice to it .
Child Labour would be the next episode.
We should see the Program.
I like this Program.
Aaj Ka Mausam Bada Suhana Hai
DiL Me Tere Pyaar Ka Tarana Hai
Door Kahi Mere Saath Chalogi Kya
Ya Fir Aaj Bhi Koi Naya Bahana Hai
hey any body want 2 frndshp wid me..i m new to google +
Corruption...Quite possible.
amir bhai your a good man and your progarram is very nice
sachhai ka hath thamo,jhut ka nehi,,jhut ki jeet kabhi naa hoti hai,,kyon ki aaj ya kaal ya parso jeet sachhai ki hi hoti hai...

Jhut ki duniya mein kahin na kahin ye baat hote rehte,,ki kahin sachh jeet na jaye,,kyon ki aaj bhi hum jaan te hain"SATYAMEV JAYATE"..
it is the actual best reality show ever...................
it is fantestic realitty show.....aamir keep it up
May be on honour killing!
Stop Female Foeticide.....the very first episode.
wish u all the best for u r journey
hello here is avinash anand jha
celebrities new way to celebrate their popularity taking the stock of Indian society's most practical mistakes.Be that as it may be but the way as hopped will never maternalize because he is not Raja Rammohan Ray.
wearing of dress by today's children
अमीर बहुत अच्छा काम कर रहे
aamir u are the best man for holding this show
Nice Work Yar Kash Koi Or Bhi Aisa Kam Karta Hamare Desh Ke Liye...,,,,, Thank's 4 AAmir
it has to be on Corruptions, Kikbacks...
It,s Good Job To Convey Through A TV Serial
u take a step ahead we will follow u....
About human rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aamir is best best of luck ...AAMIR KHAN...IS BEST HEROOOOOOOOOOO
i think its about 'Juvenile delinquency'...or 'child labour'
satyameva jay ate encouraging the people of our society to stand against corruption .all though its not possible to remove illegal activity from our society. but through this show many people know of our society get to know that what was the corruption is?and who it can b solved!
the next shoe would be about the importance of education specially for girls
this programme make people aware .. & change the India
its awsome that there is justice for every one
A true "reality" show..insightful and an eyeopner..Congratulations and a big thanx to the whole team of Satyameva Jayate..
i think it will be about marriage

one person marrying many
Its a great show sponsored by Amir, hope all his willingness for the betterment of the country be followed by every Indian and from every corner where there is violence regarding any circumstance which is against the law. God Bless Everyone.
win is always dedicated to truth!!!!!!!
wow my favorite star and my favorite hero AMIR KHAN
very good show this type of shows should come in tv
great show
ummmm.......maybe on doctors????
Amir you are doing good job and peopels are getting more aware of the evel things in our surrounding and are comming forward to fight against the corruption, dowry and killing the girl girl child before birth. thanks for your work.
he need our support because he do for secure society,we are member of society so pls support him
ye soch pahele kisi ko kyu nahi aayi? shayad ab tak ko 40% implimentation ho gaya hota.thanks to amir ;kisi koto india ka khyal hai.
Aamir Khan samaan ke patra hai . Aamir ke is dariyadili ko mera KHULE DIL SE SALAAM. "JAI HIND" - "JAI BHARAT"
Aaj-kal Kitni Safe Hai Mahilaye ?
Aaye Din Kitne Cases Milte Mahilao Ko lekar.
Kabhi Rape , To Kabhi Chain snacthing.
Aur Yaha Tak Ki Police Station Mai Hi Police Wale Kar Rhe Hai Nabalik Ladkiyo Ka Yaun Shoshan.
Ye Kya Ho Rha Hai ?
Kya Rakshak Hi Ban Gaye Hai Hamaare Jeevan Ke Bhakshak ?
Kya Aaj Ke Samaye Mai Mahilao Ka Koi Haq Nahi Hai Jeene Ka ?
Befikra Hoke Sadak Par Chalne Ka ?
Kya Kar rhi Hai Hamaari Kaanun Vyavastha ?
Kab Hogi Ye Samast Bharatiye Mahilao Ki Samasya Ka Samadhaan ?
Aawaz Uthao.
Satyameva Jayate.
Hello....its really a good show and many are being inspired through this.You are making aware of problems in our society.Thank you!
really this is a good show do it
really asa kuch aanaa chahiye...
really u r great ............... i m very fan of u............
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