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What did you get up to this weekend? Anything you want to brag about achievement wise? Sound off below!
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I continued hunting achievements for games I started playing ages ago, like The Darkness (which I bought last year and still haven't finished) and Dragon Age II. Instead of buying and playing new games I'm still trying to get my completion percentage to over 50% with the games I already own.
So there's not much to brag about, but it's a shame that so few people respond to questions posted here. :P
Finally got Risen 2 and I really enjoy it. Nothing to brag about yet as the achievements will require quite some time as usual with RPGs.
I finally finished off Forza Motorsport 4. Put 180 hours or so into the event list itself just to get the Bucket List achievement.
Not too difficult, but ive been achievement hunting in Skyrim, also finishing up Dawngaurd DLC
+Mike Kilar I finished off Forza 3 just before the fourth was released, so know some of your pain.

Was mostly board gaming this weekend, although last weekend I finished Dance Central 2 at last. Had to ply a friend with gin to come over and allow me to win a series of dance battles, but it was worth it.
+Alex Deas I started Forza 3. After finishing the 6 seasons, about how long an I looking at the event list in that game? Just want to now how much pain and misery i'll be putting myself through again. 
Took me about 25 hours to finish season six, then another hundred for the rest of the event grid. I recommend getting the longer events out of the way first, as it seemed a bit easier to chip away at the shorter ones later on.
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