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Tropical Traditions
Tropical Tradition's is America's source for coconut oil!
Tropical Tradition's is America's source for coconut oil!

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2 Gallons of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil 60% OFF - $99.00 1 Day SUPER DEAL!

Until Saturday February 25th ONLY, you can purchase two gallons of our premium Virgin Coconut Oil at 60% OFF for only $99.00!

That's a $250.00 retail value, and a $158.00 normal sale value, for only $99.00 that saves you over $59.00!

This is our signature hand-crafted Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil! This is NOT a coconut oil that is mass produced, but produced by hand by small scale producers in the Philippines making it the Traditional way, the way it has been made for thousands of years. It is also tested each batch for the presence of the herbicide glyphosate. Learn more here.

This sale will end Saturday, so order now!

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Dairy Free Cranberry or Blueberry Lemon #Scones

Enjoy a fresh scone to start your day, paired with a cup of organic coffee or herbal tea.

Amalia from Milford, NE won $50 for this recipe and photo! Submit your recipes and photos here!

#DairyFree #FreeCoconutRecipes

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35% OFF GMO-Tested Popcorn: Lady Finger Open Pollinated Rainbow Popcorn

Looking for a fast and easy snack idea? Try our Organic Lady Finger Rainbow Popcorn popped in coconut oil!

This open pollinated organic popcorn is grown on a ridge shielded by trees and protected from cross-contamination from any genetically modified corn crops, far exceeding current USDA organic standards for buffer zones. Our farmers tell us that the deer in the area will bypass GMO corn fields in the area and travel great distances to get to this organic popcorn. Our family farmers save their own seed which is replanted each year.

This organic heirloom popcorn is hand picked and shelled on small family farms in western Wisconsin. This is truly an heirloom quality popcorn grown with great care from high-quality organic seed. The organic popcorn is shipped to you directly from the farm. We doubt that you will find a finer organic popcorn anywhere. Take advantage of this week's 35% OFF sale and stock your pantry! Learn more through the link below:


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Grass-Fed Traditions supplies 100% grass-fed lamb from small-scale family farms in Wisconsin. These sheep graze on lush pasture all summer long in the rolling hills of the "Driftless Area" of southwestern Wisconsin. The Driftless Area of Wisconsin is famous around the world because it is completely surrounded by glaciated territory. It preserves a large sample of what the rest of Wisconsin, as well as northern and eastern United States, were like before the Glacial Period. The Driftless Area is driftless because of three factors: 1. The highland to the north furnished temporary protection from ice invasion. 2. The more rapid movement of glacial lobes in the lowland to the east and the region to the west resulted in the final joining of these ice lobes south of the Driftless Area, so that it was completely surrounded by the continental glacier. 3. The termination of the forward movement and the beginning of retreat came before there was time for the ice from the north, east and west to cover the driftless remnant. The result is a unique geographical area of rolling hills that the early settlers of Wisconsin recognized was especially well-suited for grazing. Today many small-scale family farms still graze this rich soil, and some of the most world-renown artisan cheeses are also from this rich agricultural area of Wisconsin. Grass-Fed Traditions now offers premium grass-fed lamb grazed on pastures from this same rich soil of Wisconsin. We believe you will not find tastier lamb from anywhere in the world!

Now, through Sunday, February 26th only, you can purchase the following Grass-fed Lamb products for 35% off the retail price.

Ground Lamb (approx. 6 lbs.): $111.94 retail value for only $71.99 and a $27.96 savings over our normal sales price!
Leg of Lamb (approx. 4.8 lbs.): $89.93 retail value for only $58.45 and a $17.15 savings over our normal sales price


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Black Bean Brownies

Serve with a tall glass of refreshing, cold milk.

Lynelle from Columbia, KY won $50 for this recipe and photo! Submit your recipes and photos here!

#CoconutOil #BrownieRecipe #BlackBeanBrownies

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Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Virgin Coconut Oil Bar Soaps (Tea Tree, Lavender, or Lemongrass)!

Our natural soaps are made from our organic Virgin Coconut Oil and are scented with high-quality organic essential oils. They contain no chemicals and nothing artificial. They produce a very rich lather and are safe for the whole family! Click below to learn more and stock up today!

#VirginCoconutOil #Skincare

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Grass-Fed Traditions currently supplies 100% grass-fed beef from small-scale family farms in Wisconsin. Our cows are all grass-fed Angus and Galloway (mostly Galloway). How do we define "grass-fed?" The cows are on pasture, not in feed lots eating silage. They are also finished on grass, and do not eat grains at all. We don't process animals in the Winter or early Spring, when they are only eating dry grass. Our animals are eating green grass right up to the time of processing, and are dry aged before packaging. Many sources of "grass-fed" beef today are simply from cows in feedlots eating silage year round.

The CLA Advantage
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring free fatty acid found mainly in meat and dairy products in small amounts. CLA was discovered by accident in 1978 by Michael W. Pariza at the University of Wisconsin while looking for mutagen formations in meat during cooking. The most abundant source of natural CLA is the meat and dairy products of grass-fed animals. Research conducted since 1999 shows that grazing animals have from 3-5 times more CLA than animals fattened on grain in a feedlot. Simply switching from grain-fed to grass-fed products can greatly increase your intake of CLA. (Dhiman, T. R., G. R. Anand, et al. (1999). "Conjugated linoleic acid content of milk from cows fed different diets." J Dairy Sci 82(10): 2146-56.)

Omega 3's
Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid for human growth and development. We must have it to be healthy. Grass-finished beef is a great source for this essential nutrient. The source of Omega 3 is the green leaves of plants. When cattle eat their natural diet, beef becomes a great source of Omega 3. Grain is not a rich source of Omega 3, so standard, cattle-finishing practices cause the Omega 3 level to decrease dramatically.

Galloway Cattle
Galloway cattle are an ancient breed that originated in the rugged hill country of southwestern Scotland. They are related to the Angus which was developed in northeastern Scotland. While the Angus was selected for rapid growth on better feed, the Galloway was selected for its ability to thrive on poor forage in a cold wet climate. They were first imported to the states in the 1850s. They are still rare in North America, and worldwide only number about 10,000. Their popularity is now increasing with the renewed interest in grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

The Galloway, unrivaled as a grazing breed, utilizes coarse grasses frequently shunned by other breeds. They have the ability to produce a high quality beef product directly from grass. Due to the breed's naturally dense, insulating coat the Galloway does not layer on excessive outside fat. Results of a multi-breed research project conducted by a Canadian Government Experiment Station, reveal that the Galloway ranks second only to the Buffalo in hair density tests. The robust, hardy nature of the Galloway is especially suited for northern harsh climates. The claim that Galloway beef is juicy, tender, and flavorful is substantiated in recent USDA tests of Galloway crossbreds, when compared with eleven other breeds. Results of the Cycle IV Germ Plasm Evaluation (GPE) Program at the USDA Meat Animal Research Center (MARC), Clay Center, Nebraska, showed the Galloway crosses placing at the top of the chart for flavor, juiciness and tenderness.

Now, through Thursday, February 23rd only, you can purchase 12 lbs. of grass-fed ground beef for 45% OFF! That's a $151.90 retail value for only $83.55 and a $41.94 savings over our normal sale price!

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