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The tripchi app improves your airport experience by recommending relevant content, offers, and information
The tripchi app improves your airport experience by recommending relevant content, offers, and information


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Leaving Doha after three weeks on the road

Wrapping up my six country three week trip, I was leaving Doha with a sense of personal and professional accomplishment. I had spent a few days in Canada, a few days in London (Windsor), and then 8 days touring the Arabian peninsula through British…

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Valentine's Day 2017 - HMHost airport celebrations

Will you be at an airport for this year’s upcoming Valentine’s 2017 and have some time to kill? If so, this is a great #layovertip for you. HMSHost is one of the industry leaders in airport passenger experience innovation, and for this Valentine’s 2017…

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Bahrain Airport and Oman Air first thoughts

I woke up semi-early for my vacation inclination so that I could make it to Bahrain Airport and then to Oman in time for a decent Muscat day tour with my guide. My flight from BAH-MCT was scheduled for 955AM but boarded about 45 minutes late due to a gate…

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Arabian Peninsula #travelhack - 5 countries, 3 days, $500

On a whirlwind trip spanning 5 countries and 3 weeks, late-night Jan 25 I finally found executing my perfectly designed Arabian Peninsula travelhack. After 10 days split between Toronto, Canada and Windsor (Langley), UK for work, I finally began my next…

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Frontier holiday disaster - root causes

Prior to the Christmas holiday, the Frontier holiday disaster impacted travelers across 10+ airports due to flight cancellations and delays. I was also one of those impacted travelers, trying to get to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with my parents. And…

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Christmas travel update 2016. #traveltip

This week’s blog is a Christmas travel update for you to prepare for your holiday season flights and airport experiences. That includes information about when to book your flight (if you’ve already waited until the last minute) and also which days will be…

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Holiday airport celebrations coming your way

There are a number of things to look forward to travel-wise this holiday season, holiday airport celebrations being one of them. This blog takes a look at what airlines and airports are cooking up to spread some holiday cheer in the coming weeks ahead.…

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Airline luggage tracking goes viral. #paxex

One of the recent trends in the travel industry has quite possibly been an over-zealousness is investing in airline luggage tracking solutions. This trend has been a long time in the making, and we think there’s finally been an inflection point in the…

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Worst airlines for Thanksgiving travel. #traveltip

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we wanted to give you some insight around the worst airlines for Thanksgiving travel, as well as the worst airports. This is a follow-on to the Thanksgiving travel wrap we gave last week as part of our newsletter. We…

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Thanksgiving travel 2016 travel forecast

Thanksgiving travel 2016 – November edition It’s apparently November but nobody told that to Mother Nature, who is still treating us like it’s the end of summer (at least from our vantage point in Colorado). With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away and…
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