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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Feh-Nominal (Disclosure: This is a YouTube comment, if you're reading it on G+.)

Pay attention.

There is a reason this video is comprised of typography and only a handful of images.

I come from a background of old school hip hop, where word-play and grammatical-disection were not only interconnected but entirely integral to the craft. This man does too, and he's mastered it beyond all expectation.

"Wordsmithary" is the word.

It's got groove.

It's got meaning.

The ability to mash "metaphor and motivational" with an undertone of the cynically bemoaned, is actually, indeed quite phenomenal.

He's doing several things with the chorus, way beyond the simplification of self-empowerment. At the forefront, he's actually dissing those (other) big label "Rap Phenomenons" by saying, "This might as well be what they're saying in every chorus so I'mma just go ahead and say it for them." This is a continuous theme in his newer works. Including RAP GOD. You've got Jay Z and Kanye out there claiming self-deification, and others that have followed suit. This track is making light of that. It's social satire. Modern fain Mark Twain. Then there's the multifaceted elements which construct the word "phenomenal" itself.

Feh... I began this write-up with one.

He's critiquing our world and his place in it on a level that very few understand. Chuck D gets it. KRS gets it. Gift of Gab gets it. Mona Lisa gets it. Removing his physical presence from the video speaks volumes. Turn down the volume and read this song: that's what he wants you to do. Define the words by their intent in the "post new-school" rap age of pop. Define pop. Concentrate on the strings. Break every concatenation into their fragmented roots.

"Break it down - buh-buh-buh - break - it - down."

This certainly isn't the best song in the world.

It's not meant to be.

It's a quip.

"Because he comes equipped, G."

To better understand the man, today, you've gotta understand where he came from, where he's currently coming from, and the place he wants our minds to go.

Again, mute it 🔇, stay woke...✏

Laugh at the industry.

⚠*Warning: Embedded Encoding*⚠
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+Gracia Nebro Thank you, will do.

The Eminem write-up was just on a whim. I saw the comments, the cheers, the complaints, the noise... I just wanted to ask people to dig deeper.

The best hip hop artists were never superficial. Ever. And now, as they age, a greater wisdom is within them. If I write more about music, it'll probably be on that subject.

There's far too much disrespect targeted at the originators today. Mostly by a youth that drives track-to-track without turning back for a second listen. That's no way to treat music or those that bring (or ever brought) it with skill.

I just wanted the fly-byes to know that it's cool to not like this song. Eminem probably doesn't even like it anymore, if he ever did.

But dig into it... all music, all verse, all the great arts... before casually dismissing.


This stuff is anything but superficial.
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trench coat

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All I'm going to say at the moment is that when we were debating the pro's and con's of Google+ Communities, I definitely called it. Nail on the freaking head. Only those with memories still intact will know what the hell I'm talking about, and it's those people I'm writing this for.

More walls inside of walls just doesn't work. It creates a troll haven.

I loved GOOGLE from day one, man. "Yahoo! Powered by Google" I still have that love. I'm clingy, maybe? I still love the quality where the quality exists. Much respect to those that are helming those ships. Even Google Plus. To this day. There's love here. Again, some may call that naivety. Yet, I love it... and you.

I've been shat on, and I've been helped.

An infinite loop of that.

Back and forth to the point where a lot of people are probably just really sick of me. If you're one of those people I don't blame you. Honestly. Not in the slightest. This has been both amazing and crazy. All I've wanted was normalcy (read: equality?). I'm pretty damn sure that's all you wanted too. Most of you. This probably sounds somewhat like resignation. It's not.

It's two things.

1) A sincere apology for actually being right about Communities. I did not want to be right. Yet it's all too clear I was.

2) A sincere thank you to the good people trying (and accomplishing) all the good things. Through the good weather and bad, you manage the storm. You aren't just good workers, you're good people. If there's not someone to tell you that, and truly mean it, every day... you save this. You read this. You are good, you are loved, and you make a difference daily. You matter more than you know. You're integral to the good things in life, and the Google I fell in love with.

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trench coat

G+ Questions - Mobile  - 
I receive ads that say they're Google ads (bottom left corner) but I've never really seen +Google​ advertise quite like this before.

Are they legit +Google Play​ / +Google Ads Developers​? I'm not asking about the content, I'm asking about the full screen delivery method.
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Yes, yes, I know who is no longer at Google.

Natalie's still has a profile; the non-ping is totally relevant, as is her NDA, no doubt.

I also know your public street-cred, no need to recite it verbatim, TC.

This just became very strict, aye?

Ridiculous, yet somehow fitting, that it escalated with the words "As you know...".

Because I do know.

I know origins.

I may have missed the last 6 months (my Grandmother died, and my accts were hacked... it's all well documented within internal Google), so pardon me on that front... but origins?

I've a damn book of origins.

I digress.

To summarize, I asked about an advertisement.

A really simple question about an advertisement.

G+ strict was invoked, and I was treated a bit like a troll. It was implied that I didn't know the origins of this community... in a textular tone which seems unbecoming of a Google+ Help Top Contributor(TC), IMHO.

This didn't have to happen.

But it did.

Now it's a thing.

Kudos on that.

// I'm invoking zen mode now. Enjoy your eve.

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trench coat

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Ahahaha... Violet vs Siri

found via +BuzzFeed
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To borrow an adage from +Ade Oshineye​:

Welcome everyone to Google+. I've poured my heart and soul into this project for the past year+, focusing especially the circles and sharing model (and UI). I truly believe that online sharing can be made better, and it starts with giving you more control over how you connect to people. Please send me any and all feedback you have--this is just the beginning, and we won't stop until it really works as well as real-world sharing should!
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How do you avoid online preditors of all types?they have an ability that in the real enviroment isn't there to have.I'm a victim of this,more than once on sites where it is more monitored and some you even have to fax/email or mail proof of identity before you can post.1 got my family member killed by negligence and never was punished.another almost destroyed my life,stole $500 and I'm dirt poor and got away with it.those never leave you and I was desperatly reaching out for help,help to save lives,my own at least from having to physicaly suffer from medical conditions that deteriorate the body,have no cures but the pain can be eased some yet I get nothing and my physical endurance is near the'd be nice for my 15yr old in the future,how ever long that is to know some of why her mom got left to die in pain so slow when it didn't have to be
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Note to lower-case self: Continue talking to yourself via music. It feels like it's the only friend you've got. Even the cheese-pop you hated as a tween, and kinda still cringe at as an "adult". Talk to it, talk through it, and let it talk to you. They'll laugh. They'll mock. They'll make you an internal meme, and make you reset your phone a billion more times. Just hold on. For one more day. Every day. Continuing to ask why. It's okay. Things will go your way. Wilson Phillips says so. Hello, operator?"

#holdmusic and #hyenas 
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Addendum: Was (Not Was) - Hello Operator - 1980:

trench coat

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Oh, man... I really wish whoever made this did the full sermon. Still, I'll take 30 seconds of #Lego #ShiaLaBeouf #Motivational #Madness
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23 seconds.

It felt like 30. ;)

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trench coat

G+ General Help  - 
No question, just the following.

I joined this community when it began. From the begain. I joined to help people that needed help. When I can, that's what I try to do in whatever social media circus I find myself in. And that's just it, tonight's become a damn circus. Nothing but trolling and no one doing much about it. It's in my personal stream, and it's deluging like some 40 days/40 nights shit inv this community tonight.

I've been gone quite some time and was actually excited when finally able to return. But this is what I've returned to and it's just depressing.

It's not even Reddit level trolling. It's 4chan crap.

Juvenile. Childish. Ridiculous.

That said, I'm not leaving. When people need help, and I can provide that help, I will do that. Whether it's in this community or otherwise. Not just because that's who I am but because that's what others have done for me.

Thanks for reading.

And much respect to those that continue to help.
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"Meeting people" is not always the trump card it seems to be. I am disabled. Disabled does not always translate into "wheelchair-bound". This is something that is massively misunderstood within the general public.

As for kids trolling their trolls, I'm sad to say I don't believe much of what I was referring to was coming from them. I'm quite positive "adults" were, and are, doing the trolling around here. Or, at least the stuff that's visible in my stream. 
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trench coat

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Interesting timing on the internal trolling, people.

You're making G+ look like 4chan.
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trench coat

commented on a video on YouTube.
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It's great that NASA's celebrating this anniversary, but wouldn't it be greater if NASA had commended International efforts as well?

When it comes to achievements in space, the US did not do it alone.

It could be said that the greatest accomplishment of every space endeavor ever has been collaborative. Space exploration has seen the most inclusive amount of International, Earthbound Diplomacy mankind's ever partaken in. That's something the world should be proud of.

So, while I applaud this monumental moment for NASA, I want to offer thunderous applause to the collective triumphs of the world, both on and off of this world.

Kudos to the Space Ninjas worldwide! History will remember every one of you.

Postscript: Isn't it about time we invite China to the table?
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trench coat

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Meet The REAL Stephen Colbert! Not the faux Comedy Central Colbert, but The CBS Late Show Colbert!

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