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I can watch this scene from Almost Famous a thousand times. Thank you, Philip Seymour Hoffman, for making it okay to be uncool.
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I think I may have posted this before... possibly as preface, but, really... can it ever be posted too much?

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trench coat

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I just can't stop writing songs about you, +Google!

♥ t
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Oh, look. A new +YouTube recommendation just for me! Because I'm so interested in Gold! (Lolwut.) And... Jackasses?

(See my last post for context and realize coincidence is out the window at this point.)

For awhile (especially yesterday) I've been seeing a lot of these lovely bullish, bully-esque (subtle and not-so-subtle) gems in my G+ stream as well.

It's been delightfully mature.


CC +Jenna Bilotta Just thought you'd appreciate this nugget.
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Let's hope it stays that way!
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Have him in circles
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This just keeps getting more insane. +Google, via +Gmail details, says I'm logging in from Texas, Colorado, Illinois, and various cities in Missouri, (right now it's currently Illinois) while I've not left Springfield, Missouri, since, roughly... '05, maybe '06? And I definitely haven't given anyone permission to use my accounts. This has been previously reported and I've received nothing but silence, hence the context of my last few posts.

Even though I have the option checked, Gmail is not alerting me to suspicious activity when it's occurring.

Meanwhile, all IP-lookups (as of roughly a few hours ago), suggest I'm touring the internet via a Corporate Google Proxy out of Washington D.C..

+T-Mobile? You're supposed to be my ISP. Care to explain how this happens? I mean, I know the +Electronic Frontier Foundation has some ideas on the subject, but I'd like to hear it from my Carrier. In public.

Meanwhile, a myriad of root events, which shouldn't be happening, continue to happen on my +LG USA Mobile Optimus.

How many others are experiencing this and simply don't know what to look for?

How many care?

I certainly care.

Not because I've anything to hide (Really, the guy named trench is more #transparent than cellophane: AMA, do it.) but I care because I know the various methods that have been, and continue to be, used to railroad people online.

Root is root and I'm clearly not the root user here.

(G+ app just "crashed" at this point, which was expected. I sent the report, with commentary.)

Googlers, you might not like my recent commentary, but, if you give a damn about morality, and those that have contributed quite heavily to your own activity here, then you'll do the right thing and figure out what the hell is going on. End the silence. You are people. Free people, working for an entity which may or may not be telling you silence is the solution. We know that isn't true. This is your judgment call, no one else's. If you want access to my accounts I'll gladly authorize it under the condition that you openly speak about this.

This? The silence? The justifications(?)?? The compromised accounts? The compromised network? It's wholly wrong. In too many ways, just undeniably... wrong.

Footnote: I had many screenshots saved "securely" on Google Plus. They have since, seemingly, disappeared. Huh. I was planning on including them but I can't find them. They were taken all within the last month or two. If they've been deleted, I did not do it. At the very least I'd like them restored. 
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I will listen watch and learn frpm you all! 
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trench coat

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Neil Gaiman just channeled Shakespeare (or was it Poe? I could not, would not, ever know) during a reading of The Good Dr.'s, Green Eggs and Ham.
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I can definitely feel a bit of Poe, I think it has to do with the pacing and inflection he uses throughout the reading, particularly when listing the different locations.
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trench coat

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BREAKING: Yahoo Mail hacked; Change your account password immediately
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Which, if my inferred theory has any merit, doesn't necessarily mean it's any more secure.

Think of it like this. Gmail has become a huge gold mine. If an infiltration were to go unnoticed, the attacker(s) have found gold. But they're not going scream it. They're going to milk it... nugget for nugget. Baby steps and tippy toes. Until you catch on to them, then they're going to fuck your world up.

Always another possibility (as much as i've hearted my Googlers, no offense) is an inside job. If a group of Googler's wanted to fuck your life up they could totally do it.

And then there's espionage. Insider's that have crept in to make bad things happen purposely.

A lot of conjecture here, I know.

But also a lot of silence.
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trench coat

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Why am I seeing all Google Plus URLs like this:

I'm using Chrome on Android. That URL is from a random G+ Help post.
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Yes. Passwords changed multiple times. The resets have been for observational (and reactive) purposes. Diagnostics. 
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