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The Famous National Parks guide has become a rather epic undertaking of late.

Any notable parks that have been missed? Feel free to pitch in and help improve a bit more!
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Do the parks need to be 'National'? Upper/Lower Antelope and Slot Canyons in Arizona are spectacular but are also on Navajo land. Because of this, the US government can not make them a 'national park' without the permission of the Navajo Nation. Instead, the Tribe made the area a Navajo Tribal Park (through the Navajo Parks & Recreation Dept.).

I've not been but have several photos on my walls taken by my brother-in-law (Randy Martens Photography) as he loves each of his visits.
+Gretchen Wilson-Kalav Interesting point! The article is named that way, but hmm.. the problem is "Famous Parks" is a bit too broad. I mean that would include Central Park probably :) Good thing to bring up in the wiki forum ;)
Another to consider is Mount Rushmore National Memorial - part of the US National Park Service. It is also part of the Black Hills National Forest - part of the USDA Forest Service. I'll do some checking about Antelope/Slot Canyons as the Navajo Parks and Recreation Dept. may fall under the National Park Service also.

Good idea to bring up in the wiki forum. Will do. And 'Famous Parks' would generate way too much information at this time.

BTW - there are 58 National Parks in the US alone... Including Biscayne (in Florida) which is an underwater National Park.
I had forgotten what I was going to mention in the wiki forum. D'oh! LOL! Now I remember. :)
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