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trance blackman
singer-songwriter, music producer, picture taker, movie maker. citizen of earth.
singer-songwriter, music producer, picture taker, movie maker. citizen of earth.

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a day on earth

the forces of the universe support everyone, whether we like them, believe in them, despise them, fight them or love them.

our judgments are our own, and perspectives are personal. what another chooses to value may grind against our grain, but they will not change themselves until they see the value in change, and are thus fundamentally shifted into a new reality.

this is where the poetry of understanding comes in. what is triggered inside us is our opportunity to expand spiritually, emotionally and intellectually - to heal, integrate and elevate our consciousness and presence.

our living example is what opens the door and affords others the opportunity for self-awareness and gateways to their own integration. to listen, to hear, to hold space, is to recognize the value of the individual, another piece of you.

to rise up and resist creates more resistance, and it's far too easy to generalize and jump onto the bandwagon of half-baked ideals and fruitless battles.

to organize in peaceful, knowing, trusting, loving, allowing and inclusive (yet cognizant, aware and informed) energy invites maturation and transcendence - for all involved (and we're all involved).

it is Earth Day. we are all citizens, stewards, adventurers, students and educators. all lives matter. we have every opportunity in all we be and do to own it.

love your planet. love your life.

#natureamazes #nature #seaside #landscape #earthday2017 #earth #home #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #presence #healing #humanity #society #community #unity #love #livenow

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#fbf originally recorded in '02, i reworked it a bit in '06 ~ Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Cover) #music #love

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you won't always have balance, but you can always be trusting of life - especially when you're not.

i can't imagine the universe is at all wasteful, so it really is all perspective. look again.

this partnership with the creative energies of our reality goes deep and beyond our day-to-day surface of things. remember.

the nature of you is the colour of true. allow. listen. touch the stream and tap your source. it's all available to you.

solvitur ambulando

#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #presence #nature #seaside #ocean #shore #artsyrockphotos #landscape #blackandwhite #canonfd50mm #panasonic #gh2 #somefilters 

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to engender understanding, is to invite understanding; the familial, familiar, and kindred spirit gravitate toward likeness and resonance.

a square peg can fit into a large enough round hole, but that level of compromise will exhaust you, frustrate you, fight you and stress you, time and again. all that wasted energy invites anxiety, worry, emptiness and numbness, hence the massive imbalance in our society of survival instead of thrival and arrival - the tribal, carnal, predictable and crude over the intellectual, spiritual, spontaneous and refined.

this isn't to suggest an arrest to raw, unabashed passion and wild-eyed pursuit. just the opposite: get into your element[al] to explore and delve into the untapped and beautiful, real, you.

the haze of rote and compromise asks too much. break it to remake it and evaporate the fog that loves only to persist.

you are more. you are enough. clear the slate and let the co-creators manifest.

solvitur ambulando

#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #youaremore #bereal #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #presence #vulnerability #healing #growth #mindfulness #consciousness

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those fleeting moments, when the circumstance overrides the repetitive, cyclical mind-junk of the everyday... it takes two, to both balance and imbalance the usual suspects, to jar the stagnant politeness, to instigate the otherness, the connected consciousness that transcends thoughts, words, and invasive time.

it isn't by force. it is by trust and courage. it's with presence. it is rhythm and dance. it is the power of now.

we discover these moments, almost always in hindsight, in amongst the ordinary and flaccid, and wonder about the next chance to tap into the stream... if only for another breath, or even a heartbeat.

_ _ _

we live in a throw-away society, which is how much of our story ends up null and void, merely sprinkled with magic, rather than playing and wondering and living curious and open and free. it's easier to binge, and bicker, to paint only in greys, and escape than to recognize the universe in a grace note.

while the brokenness of yesterday is transmuting and evaporating, it is upon us to become the awakened surfers and conductors and captains and creative conspirators, moment by moment, to take it back and infuse it with substance, meaning, and music... to embody the artist in the everything.

solvitur ambulando

#presence #elevate #loveyourlife #consciousness #courage #moments #magic #mindfulness #eyesopen

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at the crux of conflicting beliefs and ideologies, we drive ourselves into corners, and with it frustration and energetic stagnation... or, we choose to recognize the power and potentiality of AND rather than OR; it isn't compromise when elevating beyond polarity. it's greater understanding and a grasping of the scope of things beyond our usual parameters and expectations.

look again.

solvitur ambulando

#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #presence #awareness #perspective #consciousness 

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be the living example.
live the BEing example.
edit less. explore more.
wonder and curiosity.

solvitur ambulando

#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #presence #authenticity #daregreatly #bereal

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tabula rasa

we tend to inundate ourselves with shoulds, have-tos, need-tos – amongst all the other worries and concerns of living. we attach a lot of our creative energy to tasks, and lists, and anxieties about future things, piled on top of whatever may still linger from what has passed.


clear the mechanism, from time to time… lift the stylus off the spinning record, as it were. empty the mind and heart of all the noise, and relax the well-travelled axons to give the neurons a chance at something… different. solutions and inspirations are fostered in the malleable, intangible spaces of difference.

we settle into routines, some of which can be quite damaging, unhealthy and stagnating. be it mental, physical, or spiritual, we get accustomed to them regardless, and life will continue unabated with, or without, our conscious involvement. our lives and experiences matter, and our presence is integral to a deeper fulfilment.

thus, our task would be to glean and soak up everything we can from wherever, whenever, however and whoever we are, presently. we are where we are. whether it’s a struggle, or it’s easy, or joyous and blissful, or boring, or stressful, or utterly futile and hopeless, we are there.

there is magic in awareness. be you, truly, in every moment.

solvitur ambulando

#elevate #presence #temetnosce #loveyourlife #awareness #consciousness #mindfulness #insights #fulfilment

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sans intégrité

as i see it, there's no mystery to this. either it's learned or modeled from parenting or environment, or self-taught or conditioned into us by our own slow-drip poison;

our many choices and actions accumulate like energy, and our physical minds and senses re-create our persistent reality around just that.

our bias - maybe conscious, but likely at least partly not - will favour our usual, practiced choices and routines.

such is the circuitous game we tend to engage when we act without integrity.

yet, at any moment, we can choose to tip the scale - toward the benevolent, authentic, and true. imagine.

malice is a choice. once we grow up and out of the childish constructs, we can immediately return to love, wonder, curiosity and flow.

stop pretending. for most of us, we mindfucked ourselves.

solvitur ambulando

#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #youaremore #bereal #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #presence #vulnerability #healing #growth #mindfulness #integrity

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unleashing the monster / that's so well engrained ~ listen to Elevate by Trance Blackman on #Spotify #music #rock 
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