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trance blackman
singer-songwriter, music producer, picture taker, movie maker. citizen of earth.
singer-songwriter, music producer, picture taker, movie maker. citizen of earth.

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vital pulse

life happens. it doesn't question, though it seems endlessly curious. it doesn't force, though it frequently shows immense, patient, world-creating power. it doesn't wait, though it allows for the perception of time to pass.

life is movement, and it is absolute stillness. it is the calm, sleepy cove, and the tsunami. it is the gentle breeze, and the volcanic eruption.

it is the harsh words, and the joyful tears. it is the passionate conception, and the birth... the birth and the death... the death and the birth.

it's all here, along the journey, fraught with unexpected barriers and furious dynamics we can only ever wish manipulate or control.

walk on. look again. listen with all of you. love unreasonably. dare greatly.

love your life
solvitur ambulando

#youaremore #life #mindfulness #elevate #nature #islandlife #trails #earth #forest #walkabout #treadlightly #awareness #notetoself #authenticity #presence #vulnerability 

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we paint the world in every instant with our filters, beliefs, attitudes and perspectives. while its fluidity is generally beyond cognitive perception, there is an absolute order to our thoughts, actions, and reactions.

if we could pop ourselves off the timeline and retain lucidity, this would be self-evident; results are always linked to their whys, or, we dance with causality.

the laws of this place afford us great freedom. with awareness we can see the normally invisible connections and light filaments dancing across our consciousness. we can see how our intentions, tendencies, and energetic bias inform and gravitate relative objects, thoughts, and occurrences to us.

in amongst seeming randomness is the varying degree of relativity; what initially appears to be "other" may in another moment prove exact and perfect - as far as preference and purpose and the greater scope of our story will now or eventually confirm.

everything has its reason, but we don't spend much time or focus in artful, present, observant and patient mind-states.

our spirits and bodies are conditioned toward productivity and mental enslavement, thus we always need newness and escape and some kind of stimulation, or simulation... for fear of self-destruction, or slipping into ennui.

it has, in ways, defined an inherent weakness - in our pursuits, our character, our capacity for empathy, compassion, service, and our relationships. a pervasive uncertainty infects our everything, and can mute otherwise vibrant beauty that is ubiquitous, omnipresent and very much the vast majority of our shared timespace.

the mainstream viruses would have you believe otherwise. let them go. shut it down. turn it off.

it's important to build ourselves a new foundation within which to establish and reconnect, rekindle, and re-engage our soul and its forever home. we've deferred accountability and responsibility for too long, and no amount of judgment, projection, blaming and gaming will heal our heart space.

something will always feel "off" until we live from our authentic, vulnerable, powerful place.

solvitur ambulando

#loveyourlife #temetnosce #elevate #youaremore #nature #trails #forest #walkabout #treadlightly #earth #presence #vulnerability #healing #love #authenticity 

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play; walk and wonder 

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crash into me

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again and again
you wash over me
surround and
drown me

bubbling froth
sweet chaos
and overwhelm

is wasteful
and moot

as usual

under the water
feels too much
in the senses

but i remember


#nature #seaside #ocean #shore #artsyrockphotos #washaway #watersedge #socontrasty #letgo #wordplay #odetotheocean #poetry #relax #trusttheflow

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how do you know you aren't living your soul's purpose, contract, agreement, or whatever you want to label it?

how much guilt, shame, inadequacy and anxiety have you caused yourself because you keep fueling the fire of imbalance and judgment, based on the belief that you "should" be living more truthfully, authentically, or on purpose?

there is a fierce battle that wages inside every dreamer, and aren't we all dreamers? i am speaking more to that supposed higher of callings that entitles those who would aspire to such things and thus justify their persistent feelings of superiority...but more often, inferiority to their own would-be daring selves.

competition within ourselves can be a vicious, circular, bitter battle - one that keeps us repeatedly falling back down to our knees, and holding us from even stepping up to the starting line.

yet with a shift in perspective, everything teaches and informs. some are happy to throw caution to the wind and dive into things. some will take decades to prepare for every contingency or probability...and may never truly even begin.

so what? wherever you are on the spectrum, is valid. all of it, in some way, plays into the cosmic dance. it is this AND that; this struggle, this delay, this hurdle, AND that dream, that goal, that terrifying leap into the unknown but probably fulfilling and life-affirming.

but this place, right where you are matters. we all come to the table in our own way, in our own time, for our own reasons, and there will always be nourishment there, regardless of how we get there and when.

but what is your why?

ask for help. take a new class. find a mentor, or become one. love is in the details and we can afford to be easier about all this unnecessary madness.

life is a struggle, and a burden, if you've trained your eyes to see it as such. but just because we choose to narrow our field of perception and limit the range of our vibratory frequency, doesn't mean it isn't all available to us, within a singular decision.

love your life

#elevate #temetnosce #insights #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #presence #vulnerability #healing #love #struggle #purpose #mindfulness

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death of a salesman

the routine gets old. living in a social media hungry world is an oddity, where anxiety around our identity and relevance is in constant question - if we come to rely on the regular fix of "likes" and other such nonsense.

we believe if we stop posting filler and quotables, use incorrect hashtags or format, or don't invest in ad campaigns, that we'd quickly fade from feeds and thus any significance. so strange, and so empty. what it does, is exacerbate the superficiality of the medium, and the thinly veiled desperation we feel in our ongoing need to belong.

of course, as with anything we explore through our multifaceted human experience, it eventually distills down to less bullshit and more substance.

you can buy followers, likes, and by extension, some kind of notoriety. but just like in tv, music, film and fiction writing, it's a misrepresentation. men aren't generally how they're portrayed in shows, videos and movies, and neither are women. so, identifying with the fictional, while potentially expansive, is rarely genuine and authentic.

and we have been gluttons for the inauthentic. the pervasive underlying unsettled madness and desperation we pretend to ignore is telling, and must be acknowledged, and healed.

make real connections. make eye contact. trip over your words, and struggle with expressing yourself. embarrass yourself. take a breath. shed a tear. feel misunderstood. ask for help. try again.

hold the sacred space, and know it's being held for you.

be real. be curious. be you.

love your life

#elevate #loveyourlife #temetnosce #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #presence #vulnerability #healing #growth #love #struggle #society #socialmedia #bereal #desperation #anxiety #connection #mindfulness

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stage hands

life is quite bluntly asking us to step up, and step in to the desires and shifts that have been churning away in the ethers and dust, in the space before, in potentiality, in dreams and pure imaginings.

as we are moving toward the mastery of our selves and our attractive abilities, in the immediate state of things, we are creating vacuums of iniquity and distant opposites to our soul's resonance so to literally erupt forth our truth and authentic core values onto the mainstage.

the clowns are obvious, oblivious, and desperate to maintain a stranglehold, but it's increasingly clear that the game is all but finished... yet there is massive trepidation and uncertainty in its wake and wash.

having been sold on a dysfunctional construct for so long, we are reluctant on this pilgrimage into vast open spaces, spotlights, responsibility, and incredible vulnerability. hands shaking, heart pounding, senses hyperactive and intensely sensitive... now is the time.

the soul of the world is asking for "next" and it's not going to keep repeating the request. the foundation is well broken and life is reaffirming itself - through eternal patience and ease, but it will bulldoze our makeshift and half-assed efforts. complacency and cowardice simply won't do.

you feel it. look again.

hundreds and thousands and endless means of blurring the intuitive, clouding the sixth and greater senses, numbing the muscles and suffocating the eternal fire are simply burning and washing away.

it's terrifying and exhilarating and terrifying and invigorating and terrifying and loving beyond the wounds, scars, and mistakenly empty places.

look again! listen with all of you. it's a new frequency, planet-wide. adjust your instruments and get ready. we're entering stage left and stage right, and headed into the symphony.

no sheet music required. play on.

solvitur ambulando

#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #youaremore #bereal #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #presence #vulnerability #healing #growth #love #struggle #trust #courage #consciousness #energy #feelings #spirituality #awareness #nature #islandlife #bc #coast #trails #westcoast

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