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dig deep. may your hands shake, your eyes weep, your heart scream. may you explode from the inside out, spent, exhausted, naked, trembling, free; may you heal.

insidious, illusive ideas hide in the caverns where we don't dare look. yet, they will not be forgotten. they will wait. they will even offer a safe place for other shadows to live, until we're ready to sit in their presence, glean their wisdom, and allow them to fade away, leaving a patch for our story quilt, and nothing more.

shadows are aspects of light. polarity is strengthened by resistance. we choose.

you are loved,
solvitur ambulando

Burn It Down (The Divine Arsonist) by trance blackman on #SoundCloud

#elevate #loveyourlife #temetnosce #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #presence #healing #growth #youaremore #bereal #selflove #divein 
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trance blackman

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listen to "Sensations" by trance blackman on @Spotify ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎musicislife‬ ‪#‎softrock‬ ‪#‎rock‬ ‪#‎pop‬ ‪#‎thoughtful‬ ‪#‎emotions‬
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trance blackman

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it doesn't always make sense to our linear programming, but somehow, it's always working to our benefit. there is no wasted time, or energy, just our perception of it.

choices move and motivate momentum, and whether we're conscious of our movements or not, the pieces never stop structuring the cosmos of our environment and stimulating through our senses; if we're still waking in the morning - out of hyperdream and into the deliberate - we're still alive in this story, still relevant, still seeking, writing, exploring, learning, teaching, dancing and demanding expansion and expression.

the weights become easier to drop from time to time. practiced pride and arrogance only serves for so long. be grateful in moments of pure discovery, clarity, and release. home is in every heart beat. the journey is in the space between.

solvitur ambulando
#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #youaremore #bereal #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #presence #patience
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trance blackman

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"Relevance" is a song that asks the listener to become more aware of the true nature of things, both within, and without. "Relevance" words & music by Trance Blackman When you ask your heart to feel for you Are you expecting something new? When you ask your heart to see what’s true That’s all it does for you Soft like the breeze from an ocean Floating along the waves of joy I notice the love that surrounds me I notice th...
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trance blackman

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Listen to 01 Matisse The Cat by JesseCook #np on #SoundCloud
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trance blackman

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we can only leave the old ways, when we truly leave them. when we integrate the lesson, the experience, the essence, and disintegrate our attachment, we create fertile space for the seeds of all that's been desired to germinate, propogate, and populate.

our realities align to that which is most resonant - as our minds and muscles easily revert to what's remembered, entrained, ingrained - and will revert to it without conscious awareness and deliberate focus.

suffering and misery are safe, if they're most familiar, and we're masterful at sabotaging forward and upward energetic momentum into the unknown. this, too, is but one possibility.

solvitur ambulando
#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #youaremore #startwiththeheart #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #choices #courage #consciousness #departures 
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trance blackman

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this place is remarkably beautiful
and also remarkably sick
the way we exist
on the precipice
astounds and amazes me.
i, and many like me
came back again
to tell it like it is
to shatter the bullshit
to trance-send the lies
to catalyze, initialize
to instigate, investigate
to expose the old ways
and challenge the cowards;
the weak of spine
and weak of mind;
those of malice and
those who laugh, smile
profit and wile
at the many who try
to play along
but know in there hearts
there is another way...

you can choose to be
a background player
to be safe, numb
and follow the obvious path
until you're waiting
to die...
or, you can listen.
shut up and listen.
you can write your song.
you can tell your story, and
let it go where it wants to go
trust the flow
and know
in the end
it's all good.

let's dance.

solvitur ambulando
#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #youaremore #bereal #elevate #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #power #love #struggle
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trance blackman

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acknowledge, appreciate, understand and be grateful for the wants of your heart. those feelings and emotions are important indicators of resonance, and ways to gauge how much we are, or are not being those things for ourselves.

we're trained toward external stimulation, fulfilment, acceptance and happiness, believing more in what we perceive with our ears and eyes, than the truths hidden by practiced filters and trauma. this is the precipice where the "what about my needs?" idea of lack festers and grows, along with victimhood and martyrdom. useful, sure, but anchors and chains nonetheless.

needs are real. yearning and desire are the stuff of massive art. the how and why, however, is critical. we'll want to project, infect, inject and protect. violently. we need to remember how to breathe. discern. listen. heed the innate helmsman that is always with us in our everything, keeping the ship on course, regardless of the storms that will come, and even when we dare to drift on calm waters...

solvitur ambulando
#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #youaremore #bereal #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #heart #love #struggle #trust #energy #feelings #authenticity
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trance blackman

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if we give in to the suffering, the energy will sweep us, as it always does, into the spiral, down and out of our presence, out of our now, out into the sea.

if we recognize the cue, the trigger, the initial push toward the edge, we can immediately defuse the noise, and rise above. we can learn, and release, and we can recontextualize the suffering notion into a lesson and lightness. we can grab hold of the weed, and reach down to rip it up by its roots, once and for all...

it's a point of view. it's a perception, and it will drag along ideologies, beliefs, fears and practiced punishment - our friends guilt, shame and self-loathing.

or, it's a healing, empowering, door opening. this is counter to our cultural conditioning, and thus a challenge, until given the chance to become a healthy habit.

solvitur ambulando
‪#‎elevate‬ ‪#‎loveyourlife‬ ‪#‎healing‬ ‪#‎struggle‬ ‪#‎insights‬ ‪#‎notetoself‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎shift‬ ‪#‎presence‬
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trance blackman

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listen to Cherish by Trance Blackman on ‪#‎Spotify‬ ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎musicislife‬ ‪#‎pop‬ ‪#‎romance‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎youseduceme‬ ‪#‎smoothgroove‬
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trance blackman

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money and stuff and this very lifetime will come and go. the more we attribute our value and validity to these things, the more we lose our way, and give away the narrative to mere machines. the only true substance is what imprints on our hearts and minds, and expressions of spirit; our art transcends, while all the rest will be reclaimed by nature and the winds. #elevate #loveyourlife #temetnosce #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #thrive #divein #goformadness #daregreatly
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trance blackman

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divine timing

we can't force the timing of things. those calculations are beyond mind, and exist in the uninhibited, boundless dance of energy and light.

our higher selves are celebrating, however, because the heart of us knows what is to come.

ours is to trust the flow, and allow for the unravelling mystery to manifest in the best way for all.

we may certainly admit to sufferings, in the "mean time", as our minds play out anxieties, scripts, beliefs and expectations. countless hours exploring the depths of insecurity, paranoia, fear and frustration are blessings, lessons, and opportunities for ever more lightness, healing, and increased trust in the love and freedom that hides beneath.

solvitur ambulando.
love your life.

#elevate #loveyourlife #temetnosce #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #spirit #journey #trust #love #notetoself #learnaswegrow
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Basic Information
singer-songwriter, music producer, picture taker, movie maker. citizen of earth.
i love to write, perform, and produce all kinds of music; vocal, instrumental, pop/rock, electronic, world, acoustic, etc. 

i enjoy sharing thoughts, insights and experiences ("journal entries") on spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics, conscious awareness, the universe -- y'know, the interesting stuff. a lot of that channels through my music.

i enjoy photography, and produce/edit for tv, film, and video. 

i aspire to travel in space...

i prefer to type/compose/share (mostly) without capital letters, though my handwriting is just the opposite...

i'm a fellow creative, and just another piece of you.

open your heart, 
love your life.
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