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without breath
there is no voice

your voice

without voice
there is no sound

your sound

without sound
there is no creation
your creation

without you
there is no us

solvitur ambulando
#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself #elevate #youaremore #startwiththeheart
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trance blackman

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watch "What You Don't Want Me To Say" by @tranceblackman #music #rock #truth #love #video #itsallconnected #elevate
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trance blackman

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why worry? because, fear. fear comes in thousands of shades of grey. it’s a numbing collection of hues that darken a sunny day, or make an overcast sky even more bleak. fear, in the colours o…
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trance blackman

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while the world may indeed be a stage, you can't rehearse presence, authenticity, courage and vulnerability. life happens realtime, herenow. #loveyourlife #youaremore #elevate 
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trance blackman

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they need more love, not less. #elevate #seethesun #bethelightness 
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trance blackman

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your heart is an instant feedback system; the forever deeply feeling place, always ready to say "not true" to old ideas, scripts and beliefs.

all those little telling squeezes can, in time, shrink the life-affirming energy field that wants nothing more than to expand and reverberate out into the worlds; this world, so desperate for all of you, and all those worlds we touch through our multifaceted magnificence.

you can believe the illusions, you're loved regardless. but remember there is lightness awaiting, holding your intemporal space, always, one single breath away...

#elevate #loveyourlife #temetnosce #insights #thoughts #life #perspective #truth #authenticity #youarelove
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Thank you for your insight ✨
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trance blackman

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when you feel the frequency
the love pulsating in you and me
there are no words of consequence
no clever styles of eloquence
to reconcile sensational
to quantify irrational
the vibration is an elation
spiritual elevation
complex as the universe
simple as the sun
i am
that is
all that is

#wordplay #ocean #coast #sand #footprints #solace #love #elevate #loveyourlife #temetnosce 
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trance blackman

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should tomorrow ever come, it'll reflect remnants of what was, hints of what's to come, but all of what we are being now. #elevate #loveyourlife #temetnosce #trees #forest #nature #vancouverisland #trust #spaceandtime #presence 
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trance blackman

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what will be your legacy? ~ Legacy (Acoustic Mix) by trance blackman #music #acoustic #life #love #yourstory
trance blackman
Trance Blackman - Legacy (Acoustic Mix) by trance blackman
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trance blackman

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as if you could be forgotten, or alienated...
as if you could be alone, or insignificant...
as if you could be anything but divine, love.

solvitur ambulando
#loveyourlife #temetnosce #notetoself 
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music producer / photography / film/video producer / awakener
Basic Information
singer-songwriter, music producer, picture taker, movie maker. citizen of earth.
i love to write, perform, and produce all kinds of music; vocal, instrumental, pop/rock, electronic, world, acoustic, etc. 

i enjoy sharing thoughts, insights and experiences ("journal entries") on spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics, conscious awareness, the universe -- y'know, the interesting stuff. a lot of that channels through my music.

i enjoy photography, and produce/edit for tv, film, and video. 

i aspire to travel in space...

i prefer to type/compose/share (mostly) without capital letters, though my handwriting is just the opposite...

i'm a fellow creative, and just another piece of you.

open your heart, 
love your life.
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still curious after all these years
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