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A lot has to do with the location of the home. If a family is brought up in the suburbs where there is a woods nearby I would say Yes but in the city where are you going to shoot a bow or start a fire without matches without getting into trouble. In rural settings most of the population already have a basic knowledge of what goes on in the woods. They just have to hone what they know. I do not think anymore will be influence that have already been so by the reality shows of man against nature such as Bear Grylls survival series and Duel Survival. There have been numerous movies and shows where the population is pitted against one another such as Jerico, Falling Skies and Survivor (not the weekly Survivor series). Then there are reality experiments that examine how society can breakdown and create mini societies banded together for survival such as The Colony and the Alaska Experiment.
While there have been some influenced by earlier releases of apocalyptic society I do not think a significant amount will be influenced by one more.
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