Introducing Help on Social, a new way to ask and answer Google questions on Twitter

Today, we’re excited to announce a new way to share your Google knowledge and passion. Help on Social, a mobile-friendly site powered by Conversocial, brings together Google product questions from across Twitter so you can ask questions or help others. Plus, you can earn some nifty points and climb the leaderboards as you help more folks.

Have a Google question? Tweet with hashtag #gHelp!
If you like to express yourself in 140 characters or less, tweet your Google product questions with #gHelp. Our community of expert users -- including Google Top Contributors -- are on standby ready to help!

Know something about Google products? Share your knowledge on Help on Social!
If you are passionate about Google products, try answering tweets alongside our community of expert users helping folks all over Twitter. 
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Let's get this party started :)
Looks like it's already filled with spam and comments vs. questions :(
+Trish Whetzel looking into it. Don't hesitate to use the contact form to report any issue you're seeing! Thanks!
+Julien Schléret The Chromebook area is filled with schoolkids complaining about their new Chromebooks. Very few actual questions other than "How do I use Skype on this?" Will we have any way to search hashtags or other text?
The more people that mark these as not questions will help the tools for searching the tweets
+Jim Dantin it's hard because we're using keywords and you can't search in the app. I looked at the stream and it looks ok, we can probably help these users right? 
If you like to express yourself in more than 140 characters, use these tags on +Google+​ :-)
Some of the more active Chromebook Central TC's have been actively using the no-question feature - I haven't seen much improvement during the test period. Frankly, I think the use of "Chromebook" as a keyword is going to simply overwhelm the stream unless it is combined with terms like "how do I". I am trying to be positive about this, but am quite concerned about the noise level.
Looking forward to helping on Twitter 
+Jim Dantin we're using a prioritization system, if there's too much noise feel free to reach out to your community manager to escalate ;) 
+Rudra Prasad Kasturi I think it's a critical issue. I think we had better report a spam at "Not a question" button. Maybe, Google will  improve a spam filter :-)
+Kimiya Kitani I am doing but I scroll first 30 posts and all of them are spam. I think google should add a filter here soon to encourage the users to ask / answer more related questions.
So you want the community to give support for products you make money on? I know they're free products for us, we pay with our data, right?

Also, I don't understand why Twitter. Yes, it's faster to reply and follow conversations but you could implement something in Google+ for this.
Unless you're trying to buy Twitter and this is an experiment.
+Ricard Torres I think there are various reasons for giving support for products. My reason is to progress my skill for helping my work.

Unfortunately, in some countries, Twitter is more  famous SNS than Google+.  If Google+ share becomes  No.1,  I think Google maybe change the tool :-)
I am sure, one day Google will buy Twitter. 
I have an issue today. I want to add an answer to a thread. I can type it but when I hit "SEND" I jump out of the thread. When I go back to it, my answer don't show. :(
I'm here, happy for help in portuguese.
Just joined and it is fun to help people through Twitter!
Joined just now. I do see lot of spam and comments which are not questions or not asking for help - the filter needs to improve.
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