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I ordered some flowers to be sent to my mum today for Mother’s Day (yes, it’s Mother’s Day here in the U.K.) and the message on the printed card read:

Dear Mum, Happy Mother’s Day […]

So when she phoned to say thank you, I had to give her a quick lesson in HTML entities, unicode, and typographical apostrophes.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!
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It’s funny to hear that this still happens!
Hrmhrm - ' or ' would've been okay - but ’...? ;-)
Hrm, ’ is a single quotation mark on the right (up). You bet I'm savvy about such issues being to unfortunate to have an apostrophe in my surname (which causes a lot of troubles everywhere) :-( .
Indeed it is. And despite having a grammatically different purpose, the Unicode standard still prefers the same character for both uses. Things were so much simpler when all we had was ASCII! :)
And worse, &apos; is known to cause troubles in the digital world, too. And all those broken SQL replies (I've seen all of them including "front\\\'back" <sigh />.
Hehe, anyone how doesn't know this "drop table students" strip cannot be a real webmaster or admin ;-) .
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