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Serious about what I do, no necessarily how I do it.
Serious about what I do, no necessarily how I do it.

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The company where I work is hiring a project/program manager. Please spread the word! This is a great place to work, and they treat their people well. tell them I sent you!

You will be heading up one of our most visible and strategic efforts for 2017 and beyond. Your work will be focused primarily on the Demo Hosting and Distribution piece of our work, though you will frequently consult with the Demo Content team. You'll join a high-performing 3Sharp team and work closely with technical leadership at Microsoft to build a stable, robust, and user-friendly distribution platform.

The Program Manager is key to the success of this platform - we are looking for someone who can quickly ramp up on success criteria, get to know team members and their roles and responsibilities, and facilitate smooth operations through effective and consistent meetings and communication, actively driving obstacles through resolution.

Key Objectives:

• Quickly transition ownership from an existing 3Sharp Program Manager and confidently own all aspects of the Distribution Platform as quickly as possible, including performance, new features, business development for emerging opportunities, and managing support and reporting
• Manage the ongoing maintenance and new feature adds, quickly scaling to supporting thousands of users
• Work with existing team members to build out a support strategy and staff team appropriately
Within the first three months, we expect the you to have a full understanding of the success criteria for the project; have an established pattern for support and reporting; have established solid relationships and trust with our key stakeholders; and be fully aware of all known future business opportunities for the Platform.


• Experience leading projects of 5+ people and/or $1MM+ budget
• Experience in an established Continuous Delivery model
• Working familiarity of TFS
• Deep experience managing projects using Agile methodologies
• Experience with public-facing solutions that have a support component is a big plus
• Strong communication, with internal and external partners
• History of proactive risk management, and driving resolution to blockers and issues
• Enthusiasm to dive into technology, figure things out, and drive your team to success!

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Go Play NW 2017 will by July 7-9 this year! Pass it on!

We’re looking forward to our biggest year yet! Every year new people come and join the Go Play NW community. When we first started, the organizers knew almost everybody at the convention.

Today, Go Play NW spans communities of friends and gamers in multiple countries. So this year we are going to focus on how we make Go Play NW a more welcoming place for people who may never have attended or even heard of Go Play NW before.

That doesn’t mean we’re making huge changes. This will still be the same convention our members love. What we are going to do is revisit how we run things and see where we can make it friendlier to first time attendees.

Announcing the third Seattle Game Makers meetup, Friday Jan 20th at 7pm at the Olive Way Starbucks in Seattle. This meetup is for people whose work lies near the intersection of game designer, maker, and artist.

The goal for this meetup group is to share techniques, projects, and accountability. We will be meeting bi-weekly (with a few holiday interruptions).

At this meeting we will be reviving the group after the holiday hiatus, meeting new members, and making plans for the year.

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"Was I ripped off because I paid for the infinite and I'm bored now?"

This review understands No Man's Sky perfectly and perfectly captures how beautiful and frustrating it is.

The tension between gameplay and experience is sometimes painful in this game. I find that oddly satisfying as an expression of life in general. I enjoy this game most when I can completely forget about the gameplay--yet I cannot forget the gameplay.

Any musicians looking for a gig?

I'm planning a big gaming and art shindig for February in Seattle. It would be totally cool if some gamer musicians wanted to play a set.

The space will be pretty tight. It will be a bar-like setting, probably with some gaming going on at the same time. I probably can't pay you much beyond dinner and a drink or two, but let me know what you'd like to be paid and I'll see if I can make it work.

Respond in this thread or to

And if some of your stuff is online, send me a link!

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A little joy and despair for all my artist friends.

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The Bluenote is a new holiday tradition for a new time. A Blue note is a letter to someone you know; an opportunity to say what should be said; a ribbon that connects communities.

A Bluenote is a letter that you send, written on one-half of a sheet of paper. When you receive a Bluenote, you tear the page in half, write your own Bluenote on half of the blank side of the page, and send it on to another person of your choice.

The only limit is how small you can write.

Graypawn has a neat little template for this, but you can use a traditional card or any piece of paper.

Pass it on.

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Game curation challenge!

I'm looking for a game to play with two friends.

One of them likes Rummykub (, a pretty mathematical tile-placing, pattern-building game with a playing card theme somewhat based on Rummy. He HATES Scrabble though. It makes his head hurt.

The other one loves Scrabble, in fact she's a Scrabble shark. Rummykub drivers her up the wall. She hates it.

Both are highly analytical, but neither are hard core gamers and probably aren't into anything heavily themed.


A litany of would-be American tyrants:

Does American history include any real would-be tyrants? Americans are incredibly sensitive and averse to the idea of tyranny. The American constitution and founding documents contain numerous warnings and hedges against the possibility of tyranny.

So who, historically, have made a go at becoming the tyrannical ruler of America?

Please, not Trump. Someone else.

John C. Calhoun reportedly hoped to spark a civil war and set himself up as President, or possibly tyrant, of the south.

There was an alleged plot by businessmen to overthrow FDR, the so-called "Business Plot"

Any others?
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