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Serious about what I do, no necessarily how I do it.
Serious about what I do, no necessarily how I do it.

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The word is coming down from on high that Google Plus will be going away!

While this is a pretty quiet community, I still think it's important. What are your thoughts on how to continue? My immediate impulse is to set up a Discord for this and other sundry game-related stuff I'm involved in. What are your thoughts?

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Hey, we've had a few new folks here recently. This is a pretty quiet group, but I want to let you know that development of How to Host a Dungeon V2 is always ongoing. It's just a little slow sometimes. This week I completed a functional draft of our first Great Villain, and I'm hoping to start testing it soon. If it's not utterly broken, I'll have a draft.

Meanwhile, the most recent draft of How to Host a Dungeon V2 can be found here:

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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that I have a new draft up. This has quite a few small edits and a few more monsters. I added the Deep Elves back in, but they are still a bit wonky, so your mileage may vary.

Just FYI, I'm going to on Twitch for a bit tomorrow (Friday May 18) at 10am and playtest a mini scenario for How to Host a Dungeon: the Crashed Alien Spaceship.

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I'm going to do some live playtesting on Twitch at 10am on Wednesday 5/8 and Thursday 5/9. Join me at

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The new draft is ready!

This is the most complete draft of How to Host a Dungeon v2 yet. It includes a revamp of the monster age, plus the newly updated civilizations.

Download it here:

How do the Gryphon riders choose their monarch?

None of my players read this thread.

My players are mixed up in a succession crisis among the Gryphon riders. We know that the aristocrats run things, but the Gryphons are really the ones in charge. The Gryphons are predators through-and-through. Trying for the throne and failing probably means you're Gryphon meat. So what does the actual process look like of choosing a monarch look like?
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I posted this on Patreon a while back, and I've been so busy, I didn't think to post it here!

Let's talk a bit about monster and how they function in HtHaD.

Each monster group in How to Host a Dungeon is like a little ecosystem of black and white beads. When I'm designing a monster group, I have to think about a number of things.

First, what does the monster group do, and what's its natural progression if it's left to its own devices?

Second, what's its niche in the dungeon?

Third, what are the potential interactions with other monster groups and the terrain of the dungeon?

Fourth, what is the theme of this group, and how does it play out this theme?

Goblins were the first monster in the first version of How to Host a Dungeon, and they were the first monster card I designed for HtHaD v2. They goblins rules change almost every time I revise the rules. There's always something to tweak or try.

Goblins are the quintessential breeders. Breeding groups increase in population quickly. The provide fodder for predators to consume, but this isn't their only role. Because breeders grow quickly, they quickly need more rooms to house their population. Breeder groups are one of the ways that the dungeon increases in size.

Goblins also serve another role. They help move treasure around with their steal and bribe moves. A goblin group with access to ready treasure (either by stealing it or by scouting new areas of the dungeon) can become formidable very quickly by bribing alpha predators who would otherwise deplete their numbers.

I’m trying to decide wether to watch The Orville, Discovery, or Enterprise. Which should I watch?
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I can attest that the Book of Lairs is awesome.
#rpg #maps #lairs #buymystuffplease #diyosr

Self promotion time: I've published a few RPG books now, and have a new one coming out next month. All relatively cheap and easy to drop into an existing campaign with a minimal of fuss.

I've also got a Patreon site, which I've been using to fund my habit, and produced some of these books. If you join there, you'll get address to the posts that include discounts for the books.

Next product planned: a new Book of Lairs!
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