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TL Uglow (Tea)
[TEA. Like the drink.] I work for Google on atypical creative projects, and talk about doubt, reality, diversity and biscuits.
[TEA. Like the drink.] I work for Google on atypical creative projects, and talk about doubt, reality, diversity and biscuits.


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Hi. Despite not posting on G+ much at the moment, I feel it is worth mentioning that I am transgender and, increasingly, transitioning:

It alright :) - on the whole it is good news - although it has been a tricky 18 months and we are only at the beginning.

For those who know me, my pronouns are transitioning from he to she on Sep 21st 2016 :)

There are a couple of open letters.
You can read up on my pronouns:
or for general background:
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#pride (and i am very proud) of Google for making Hailee Bland Walsh's story so normal, yet special: #lgbt
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Some thoughts on the future of the arts and the role (or absence) of technology for The Australian
 (Also minus a couple of bits about the NBN which somehow ended up on the cutting room floor. Always worth trying ;)
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Amazing launch by Universal Everything for the humungous Times Square digital billboard. Simply dazzling!
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Post has attachment :) - Do cool things that matter :: Excited to be finally able to talk about my favourite project url EVER
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Calling the technologists!
Last week to apply for this writing-related platform bursary. WHat kind of technologist? I hear you ask. - well, if you've got as far as asking then you are the right kind. The next generation of literature needs geeks + writers  (in my highly biased opinion).
There are two bursaries to support writing or writing-related collaborations between writers and technologists.
Details and application forms here:
Bursary - The Writing Platform
Bursary - The Writing Platform
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Factory Spotlight: Barcelona's Sagrada Familia - Chapter 5 of 5: Hopes, Dreams, Positivity & Surprise!
Ode À la vie was shown 3 times a night for 3 days to a crowd of 100 000 people. 

7 Acts in Full Colour
For 15 minutes people experienced the Sagrada Familia transform with dynamic colors that brought the church to life in a way we can only imagine Gaudi would have appreciated.
The show told the story of creation in 7 acts, the final one being a massive celebration of life.
The Stunt
But that’s not all, as you guys know, we love surprises. We wanted people to feel immersed in the experience and even get to keep a little part of the show for themselves. 
As the show came to an end, we released 24,000 tiny LED lights that flew from 80 meters high into the audience.

Stamped with the date and event, these little glowing butterflies were our gift and thank you to all who came out to experience these special nights with us.

Ode À la Vie was possible thanks to Montreal and Barcelona’s initiative. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to share the love and our vision of Gaudi’s creativity!

Factory Spotlight Wrap-up
Chapter 1: Mandate
- The special mandate:
- The context:

Chapter 2: Inspiration
- Our visit of Gaudi’s Studio:
- What was Gaudi's dream?

Chapter 3 : Production
- Proof of Concept :
- A Complex Facade :
- Testing Different Visual Languages:
- Sound Design:

Chapter 4: Integration
- A last-minute challenge:
- The most important thing: Team Work:

Chapter 5: Show and Stunt
For HD pictures of the show:

#FactorySpotlight   #sagradafamilia   #wedoitpublic  

Ping: +martin shervington +Trey Ratcliff 
Animated Photo
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Can't wait to see this! And very excited about the trailer too!  
imitation-game:~$ checkout
Widely considered the father of computer science, Alan Turing has always been one of our biggest heroes. See his story come to life on the big screen in The Imitation Game. 

imitation-game:~$ checkout

#AlanTuring   #ImitationGame  
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"NSFW" is not something that pops up often in my work. But +Banana Stand's awesome homage to Mr Ice Cube's repertoire probably ticks that box as part of Sony's 22 Jump St campaign.

All our cubes are now findable at if you want to see more or propose a cube.
A new NSFW interactive experiment! We're very pleased to launch the *Ice Cube* with Google and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. for #22JumpStreet . Spin the cube and play with some of Ice Cube's funniest lines from the movie.

Roll call: big thanks to +Tom Uglow +Jonathan Richards and +Jude Osborn at Google Creative Lab, +Rosalia Vega at Potato, +Junior Foster and Tommy Evans at PPC, +Richard Barnes at B&D and, of course, +John Biggin and +Kate Jeremy at SPHE. 
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Very excited to be involved with the British Counicl's new ELEVATE initiative. Hope to see you folks in Japan in Feb.
British Council’s newest programme is open for applications from 10 November 2014 to 5 January 2015. The ELEVATE StartWell™ Challenge, presented by the British Council in partnership with Singapore’s  Lien Foundation is searching for the best creative ideas, reimagining play spaces for  children aged 0-8, living in urban areas. 

Twelve successful applicants, from all around the world, will be selected to meet in Japan in February  2015, for an intensive Innovation Camp of workshops and ideation and the chance to see their project realised with a special ELEVATE funding grant.

Applications are open to anyone who uses creativity in their life and work including, but by no means  limited to, artists, performers, architects, technologists, designers and digital gurus.

To read more about the ELEVATE StartWell™ Challenge and to see if you’re eligible to apply, visit
ELEVATE | British Council
ELEVATE | British Council
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