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tom gernet
hard working , harder playing......enjoy today tomorrow is not a guarantee
hard working , harder playing......enjoy today tomorrow is not a guarantee
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the wait for trailer park boys makes people do weird things. randy got best costume this year! #trailerparkboys   #fanart  
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If you really want to keep kids safe, FIRST keep them away from booze, tobacco and prescription drugs. Data direct from CDC dot gov show that no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose in all recorded medical history, while tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs directly cause over 650,000 deaths per year in the US.
US CDC Figures directly from the CDC dot gov web site on numbers of deaths per year in the USA 
* Prescription Drugs: 237,485 + 5000 traffic fatalities 
* Tobacco: 390,323
* Alcohol: 88,013 + 16,000 traffic fatalities 
* Cocaine: 4,906
* Heroin: 3,365
* Aspirin: 466
* Acetaminophen (Tylenol): 179
* Marijuana: 0, none, not a single fatal overdose in all medical history and almost no traffic problems
So, which is safer? 
Cited direct from CDC dot gov. Stop the lies and Legalize!

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when are people going to realise that keeping cannabis illegal is doing nothing but putting money into drug cartels pockets. 77 million dollars isnt exactly chump change, thats how much colorado made in in tax revenue. cannabis consumption will NEVER stop so why not govern it like the alcohol or tobacco industries.

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anyone who is in the philly area and are free on march 24 should attend this meeting. let it be known that the people of pennsylvania want to see changes at the federal level, decriminalize the use of an herb thats been on this planet longer then humans and will continue to be here long after humans cease to exist 

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i needed this statement today

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im guessing this will create a big void in the underground weed market in the north east of the usa
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