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I rally like this app!

CCleaner for Android helped free 275.43 MB from my phone! #CCleanerAndroid

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here's some stuff

Only one small issue. But first, because if the resent Guardian article. Love 💘 💘 this app!

But I can't tag people or pages from anywhere inside of the app. Thanks

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If you're using the Facebook or Twitter app, you'll want to read this article.

Then get the Metal for Facebook and Twitter app. You won't regret it! Especially if your an older or cheap phone.

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Record Number of Cops Charged with Killing People in 2015 — Not a Single Officer Convicted 

Quote: "Although the number of cops charged with murder or manslaughter sharply spiked last year, not a single officer was convicted for these unjustified deaths. With less cops killed in the line of duty in 2015, the number of people killed by police increased yet again.

The accumulated number of people killed by police in the U.S. last year remains between 986 and 1,200, with The Guardian currently totaling 1,138 victims. Although many disagree on the exact number of fatalities caused by cops, most concur that 2015 saw an escalation in both the total of people killed by police and the number of officers charged with murder or manslaughter.

Within the last decade, an average of five cops per year have been charged with murder or manslaughter in fatal on-duty shootings. Last year, that number more than tripled as 18 cops were arrested for unjustified shootings. This number does not comprise non-shooting homicides, including the six Baltimore officers charged with fatally severing Freddie Gray’s spine. Nor does it include the cops who will not face criminal charges for the deaths of Tamir Rice, Zachary Hammond, Natasha McKenna, Troy Goode, or Antonio Zambrano-Montes."


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Once You see this thing that we've been attempting to make clear, you'll make some changes in the way you're interacting with these systems. And for you 'boycott the vote' folks. You are NOT helping. Voting the crooks out, is pretty much the only sane option that we have. In the mean time, build your small communities that aren't dependent upon this shell game that is being played. Divest. Please read and share the article. ~ tom g

"Middle class folks were afraid that inflation would erode their savings, so they were more keen to approve draconian measures to cut wages and reduce public budgets. People on the lower rungs of the economic ladder felt the pain first. But eventually the middle class fell on the wrong side of the fence, too. Most of them became relatively poorer.

I suppose this shows the limits of democracy when information, knowledge, and ultimately power are unequally distributed.

LP: You’re really talking about birth of austerity and the way lies about public spending and budgets have been sold to the public. Why is austerity such a powerful idea and why do politicians still win elections promoting it?

OC: Austerity is so powerful today because it feeds off of itself. It makes people uncertain about their lives, their debts, and their jobs. They become afraid. It’s a strong disciplinary mechanism. People stop joining forces and the political status quo gets locked down.

Even the name of this tool, the “cyclically adjusted budget,” carries an aura of respect. It diverts our attention. We don’t question it. It creates a barrier between the individual and the political realm: it undermines democratic participation itself. This obscure theory validates, with its authority, a big economic mistake that sounds like common sense but is actually snake oil — the notion that the federal government budget is like a household budget. Actually, it isn’t. Your household doesn’t collect taxes. It doesn’t print money. It works very differently, yet the nonsense that it should behave exactly like a household budget gets repeated by politicians and policymakers who really just want to squeeze ordinary people." (cont) 

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When the US signed on to the Universal Declaration of HUman Rights, it accepted that things such as housing, food, clothes, education and meaningful work, were all rights that every human was entitled to and yet these conditions persist, even though we know how to solve them. It is time we hold those responsible to account, including ourselves and start enacting the policies the data has shown us works.
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