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Todd Sipes
Photographer. Drummer. Business Master. Learning how to takeover the world in my downtime.
Photographer. Drummer. Business Master. Learning how to takeover the world in my downtime.

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Hello all!
Just wanted to offer all the Community members 35% off my new book. It covers just about anything you'd want to know about shooting abandoned places: from camera setting through post-processing. Just use the code "URBEX" at checkout. Enjoy!

#urbex   #urbanexploration   #urbanexplorationphotography  

Hi guys, I've added a rule: exceptionally over-processed HDR photos will be removed. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own artistic vision, but I feel like this Community should serve as an example for others. If there are photos which are very bad examples of post-processing, I don't want that to negatively influence newer photographers.

Feel free to tag me in any photos which you feel may violate this rule.
Thank you for all your contributions and for keeping this Community alive!

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Shots like this make waking up at 4am worth it for me.

#abandoned #urbanexploration #urbex #shootthesouth

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Patient suitcases hidden in the attic of an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

#abandoned   #abandonedplaces   #urbex   #urbanexploration   #asylums  

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We stumbled upon some cool machinery in a couple abandoned hospitals over the weekend.

#urbex #abandoned #abandonedporn #shootthesouth #urbanexploration

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Some nice rays from the Golden Gate Bridge this morning.

#sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge


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Hey Urban Exploration:

  As Mr. +Todd Sipes mentioned, his new title "Urban Exploration Photography: A Guide to Creating and Editing Images of Abandoned Places" is available now. 

  As Todd mentioned, you can use the CC: URBEX to get 35% off. This said, we wanted to share a sample chapter from the title to give you a taste of what Todd has been up to.

  Chapter Sample Link:

Enjoy the great content everyone and enjoy shooting some wild Urban landscapes.

#UrbanPhotography   #AbandonedPlaces   #Photography   #UrbanExploration   #Abandoned  +Abandoned and decayed Photography 
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There are so many abandoned schools in Detroit that there is certainly no shortage of gymnasiums.

#abandoned #urbex #urbanexploration #detroit

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Yesterday I posted a restaurant photo from this abandoned stadium. This one was shot from a catwalk next to the Jumbotron. You may even be able to find +Brian Matiash​ somewhere on the other side of the stadium.

#abandoned #urbanexploration #urbex #detroit
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