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Hey all, I'm creating a list of music photographers on Google+. Add a comment here so I can add you (and so other music photographers can add you, too).
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I'm one whenever I get the chance - which is much too rarely but still...
I'm a full time pro music/tour photographer.
Thanks Todd!
Canadian heavy metal photographer here!
I shoot a few shows.... :)
Kinda sorta? I'm still waiting to run into you in St. Louis. I'm sure it'll happen eventually.
Im in Alabama but also shoot in ATL, Jackson,MS and Nashvegas. Also if anyone has a contact for Bring Me The Horizon's people I am looking for one. Thanks
Still need to get stuff set up but I'm on here as well now (obviously).
Minneapolis representin' here.....
Though I am not necessarily a music photographer, but adding people anyway. We're all photographers.
Count me in also Todd. All the best
Music and performing arts photographer in Bloomington, Indiana. Currently revamping website into a blog, hopefully with full Google+ integration.
Tamea A
photobytamea Concerts in LA. :-)
Hey Todd...i'll fit that bill if possible matey ;-)
From Orlando would love to be on your list
I shoot concerts pretty often
Frustrated musician here... dabbles in concert photography instead.
I have some concert pics up now. And some other stuff. But the concert pics are relevant. And my website is at, where there are a lot more. Thanks!
I'm just getting into concert photography, would love to find more opportunities to shoot... based in London.
Hi Todd! I already have you in mine :) Add me too. Cheers!
Thanks for this. Just found a ton of new photogs to follow.
Hi Todd. I'm from Wales in the United Kingdom. I've been following you and your brother for a while now. Inspiring stuff. I feel strongly about documenting the bands that you personally love. Concert photography is a massive challenge. Never the same situation twice.
Nils VN
Great initiative! count me in: Belgium
Hey Todd! I'm not using g+ a lot yet, but here I am. :)
Cool idea! (Based in Switzerland. Part-time concert.)
Hey Todd! I have nothing creative to say, so yeah, add me too!
Please let me know when you're in/or headed to the Orlando/ Central Florida area !
Greetings from South Africa
No website as of yet, but aspiring as well. I would appreciate an add Todd :)
Boston area photographer and admirer of your work!
Seattle photographer. Hello all!
List me in ! Thanks Todd :)
I'm not on here much. But I'm learning.
Photojournalist specializing in Austin TX live music and venture scene.
Ollie Millington - Im a full time (mainly music) photographer from Leicester (UK) about to re-launch my website/blog etc ( A few Tearsheets here
Maurice Eagle
Photography By Maurice
Austin TX
Hey Todd, I'm based in Yorkshire, England
lots of inspiration in this list! i'm just getting started -
Music Photographer from the Philippines. Hope to make it on the list. Thanks! 
I am Music Photographer in Germany
Todd good idea please add me to your list
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