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Finally it's here!!! How do you like it?
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Tobu I gotta say. U r one heck of a music producer and nu should be more noticed . keep up the good work bro!
Tobu pleass work with Julia Kedhammar She's like Zara Larsson but much better :)
Can hear that pinch of melody of Axero-Unity
+Tobu How are you able to make such good music!? You have an amazing taste!
+Tobu Amazing as always!!! great job!!!! ;D
Jay Ng
+Tobu It is so happy while it is so emotional at the same time! The feels... :'(Still glad you made another great track for us! Keep it up!
I like the voice, not a woord singing voice but a sound voice, i love it
+Tobu Love it, but to me it needs more BASS :D
Love it!
Why do you bother asking if we like it? OF COURSE WE DO
Vo Lt
Awesome!! I've been waiting for a new song
+Jay Ng It sounds so sad, but happy though too, like moving on from something which was amazing
+Tobu Who does your graphics? They'er always really good.
When I first saw the name I thought you were quitting YouTube and I was like " NOOOO" but turns out you are staying :D keep up the work!
buuuaaaaaaa amazinggg very goood song
Its so good I absolutely love this my buddy introduced me to your YouTube page and I love all the songs especially running away keep on rockin on
Like psh you wish. I loved it thank u for such great music.
+Tobu​ This is most definitely my second favorite right after running away and just before higher
+Tobu I was waiting for that song 16 days and finally it is here ! I love it and lot ! :) :333 <3
Seriously man i loved everything especially the sound in the drop, but the eh eh eh constantly kinda ruined the song for me man.
Of caurse we do. Very nice song :D
+Tobu The more you listen to Tobu's songs the better it gets
+Tobu This is just as amazing as always, thx Tobu ^.^
Man, if only my goodbyes sounded this good...ah well, this cheered me up anyway <3
Amazing!!! Bro, your music is very original and good the best best !!!
+Tobu It's a fairly cheerful goodbye sensation.
+Tobu Very nice job! Back to the roots, no vocals :)
+Tobu Sry but your old songs were better, you are no more king of melody :((( tudutudutudu du, tudutudutudutudu du, dududu. Come back pls
+Tobu I enjoyed it, but not as much as most of your other music. I hear that sense of the melancholy goodbye in the background and, while it fits the title, I like your really upbeat tracks like; Candyland, Enigma and Good Times a lot more. Thanks for sharing - keep up the good work!
It sounds awesome. It's a little bit like chill house instead of plain old house. It's great and I love it!!
+Tobu and i ask, WHY AREN'T U ON THE RADIO YET, people love your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO
this isnt an actual goodbye right ???
All your songs are great :-) My favorite is hope
+Tobu stop being amazing. I can't listen to other music because of you.:)
Don't leave us is it really goodbye?

Jk I know it's not u wouldn't abandon all ur subscribers would u?
Don't ever dare to leave us... Pls? :(
+Tobu hell yea...nice sound its awesome...great work keep it up @7obu
+Tobu You ain`t tellin me that dis is goodbye for realz right? ;(
Sound of goodby? You stop music? Nnnoooooo :"( I wanna many music, just continue bro'.
Why sound of goodbey ?? 😢😢
It's amazing! So unique, I love it. ❤
I Love it! I love U!
+Tobu ok tobu you did the right thing in this song all your songs make me happy this one did it but its still not the best one
Love it, keep up the good work dude :)
Awesome! Keep up the good work!
Love it ! It's awesome again !
+Tobu It's Really Epic Pls Dont Stop Creating so cool MusicYou dont even have that much dislikes which is AWESOME !!!!
Another awesome song!!! Greetings from Spain 😋
+Tobu In a scale of 1 to 10 a 100000000 :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
+Tobu Please don't use vocals :/ It kills the harmony of music :s
+Tobu Don't you get tired of the same sounds? You change the melody but the sounds remain the same.
I am brazilian i love you work thanks tobu
Jeff Bi
Keep up your work, hope this is not good bye
That's a very good track Tobu, I hope that you didn't say good bye :) (sorry if I have a bad english, I still practice)
This new song I be impressed the moment came!
Tobu goodbye i love you
+Tobu So Coooooooooooool ! I love it song!!!!
the name os the music make me think that you gonna leave youtube , i gonna sad
You are a quarter way to a million subs bro! Keep going because nothing will stop you in your path to awesomeness! :D
Boria S
It brilliant! >:)
+Tobu its legit amazing please continue to make songs like this, im rooting for you all the way from sydney :)
+Tobu This is sick man!! Been listening to you from the beginning. I'm great to see you are experimenting with different sounds!!!! All the best in the future, keep up the good work.
+Tobu i hope you know that you are an amazing music maker never change ;)
matte 5
Tomas plz never leave music this is something what makes my day if im sad i can only surf to your channel and click at some of your awesome soundtracks and i feel much better there is love,hate,sadness,happyness,lonelyness,life,fridays,summer,sports,ngu,and everything that u need to a perfect to cheer me thanks!
+Tobu Great job . just promoted you on my channel . can you check it out
+Tobu r u leaving ????? :(((((((((((((((((((((
Ash N
+Tobu you should start making Google Play links as well. That would be awesome :)
Rooting for you all the way from Philippines! Great music.
You will never cease to amaze me tobu
+Tobu Thnx very much, i lost a lot of people in a sort time, Friends Family those who i loved, and thnanks this song i can try to get my life back on. there are still 2 people left who help me but i never can trust people agian what i did before. hope this song will help me.
+JustMastie Sorry for your lost bro :) hopefully you can pick yourself and never sit back down ;)
+Tobu Tobu please stay!! I love ALL of your music! You are hands down my favorite artist. I'd be very sad if you left. But if you do, your awesome man!!
Amazing job my friend. You have earned another sub ;) but of course not just because of this song everything you do is amazing
+Douglas Lo​ Sorry for your lost, but atleast your grandma is in a better place now :) the past is the past, and the future is the future. Wish the best for your life man. :)
Tobu all I can say is WOW! This song is amazing.
+Tobu my leg and my head..moving automatif.. i dont why..
+Tobu u will never do live date or something like a tournee? i think i will not be the only one to appreciate it , hope u will consider this opportunity
+Tobu You're the best! Thanks for making such great music, makes our lives easier <3!
+Tobu it was the best song i ever heard! Im love it im not alone with that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ''Im swedish im not so good on english and iam 11 years old! LOVE YOU
Tobu how I can edit a video like this? :/
+Tobu Tobu, i will always like the sound tracks you put out because it's hard to mess-up a song when such a great artist is writing it. :)
Not over keen on the chorus but everything else Is fine your best song in my opinion is either candy land or good times
It isnt as good as your older songs
More and more! +Tobu have a big place in my heart with his musics (thanks from a fan o Brazil)!!
+Tobu ME encanta !! gracias tobu por darnos estos ritmos tan hermosos !! /
I LOVE HIM !! tobu thanks for giving us these beautiful rhythms !!
666th like really love your songs bro, keep it up!!
Awesone tobu! <3
+Tobu nice song next year go to tommorowland !!!
We need u to get more views bro ur awesome
Nice one :)
If your about to stop good luck but hope you come back. You are my favourite music artist <3
thao le
Tobu pls stay :(
OMFG tobu I fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukin LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT U DONT NEED TO ASK CUZ WE LOVEEEEEEEEEEE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT TO TO MUCHHHHHHHH. BTW TOBY OH SORRY TOBU WHATS UR NAME IS IT TOBY SOMETHING AND ARE U A GIRL OR BOY thanks please respond or I will die in a fire where no one can hear me scream Thx.
+Tobu soy de argentina y no me canso de decir que es el mejor por lo menos para mi
This is amazing tobu!!! Keep it up
Quiero un persiso para reproducir su música 
+Tobu I actually didn't really like this one. something is missing here in my opinion .. ur last 4 were much better :-) Hope u do more maybe try to do it faster once a month feels too less :d
Thanks Tobu for sheering up my life.
Many hopes that you get more subs.
Really nice work man :-) big fan
Yeah! This song is amazing, I'm going on a trip soon, so I will surely listen to it aha
+Tobu i love this song please make more song like this it's amazing :D XDXDXDXD
Doo SW
I like it ❤❤❤
Tobu you music is soo fantastic
Like it? I <3 it
+Tobu GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this song because it makes me wonder
Are there coppyrichts on this??? (Ps my englich is verry bad im comming from the nederlands)
Amazing work tobu keep it up I'm looking forward to more I need some awesome music for my videos! Your music is so good
Your amazing bruh I wish I was like you 🔊🔊🔊🔊💎💎💎💎💎♦️
Awesome Tobu, Awesome 😍
+Tobu I don't like it. I love it love it love it!
You' re nice! I'm italian, have you ever made a concert in Italy? Will you make it? Let me know
You' re nice! I'm italian, have you ever made a concert in Italy? Will you make it? Let me know
You' re nice! I'm italian, have you ever made a concert in Italy? Will you make it? Let me know
You' re nice! I'm italian, have you ever made a concert in Italy? Will you make it? Let me know
i like your song Toby keep it <3 i love it
+Tobu I'm extremely surprised that I haven't heard your music on the radio. You are amazing for montages, videos, and just listening to keep up the good work. I'll look out for your music on the radio ;)
+Tobu I don't just like it. I love it! This track is absolutely beautiful. It evokes different emotions both sad and happy at the same time just like Happy Ending.
It's so pleasurable to listen to. But Sunburst is still my favorite :)

You are awesome! Please continue making more music. I'm looking forward to more of your works in the future. <3

Love from Manila, Philippines
+Tobu Your sounds are so amazing! Really cool!
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