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T-Mobile says "making great progress" on 4G network modernization. 
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The cancellation of the AT&T merger was the best thing for TMOUS in the last 12 months, no joke.
I hope everyone recognizes that the real "refarming" will happen by the end of the year, at that point we can really start to take advantage of unlocked phones!
RAmen to that, +TmoNews. I'd like to pick up the new iPhone by the end of the year and use it on the updated TMO network.
Where have they even released 4G? HSPA(+) is more like 3.5G. 
+antoine harrison It hasn't been until the last 12 months that I've experienced poor customer service (and I've been a customer for over 10 years), so every time I call in I ask to go straight to the Loyalty department to get any issues resolved. In regards to the phones, I totally agree with you on this and have said so quite a many times directly on TMO's G+ page. 
What are the better phones out there? Just the One X. Only better than the One S because of the screen size and resolution but some don't care about that. They'll get the Note and the GS3 within a month. Their phone selection is fine.

Also, they're the first carrier to release ICS on the Galaxy S2 and last month for the Amaze and the Sensation. I think they're taking care of their customers.
They didn't have the Note before because AT&T had an exclusive contract. Same as Sprint getting the Galaxy Nexus after Verizon. That's how it works and no, its not old news. Its the best device with +5 inch screen out there.

I've been a year and a half in South Louisiana and in that time the coverage has improve dramatically. Customer support is always good. Last time I called because of some chargers that I though weren't fair. They fix it and on top of that, offered a free upgrade to 5gb and hotspot to one of the lines.
+Linyera Báez-Rivera I agree with your comment. Other than AT&T and now T-Mobile, no one and I repeat, no one has the Note or will get it on their line up. I have always have good service with T-Mobile. With the Galaxy S 3, HTC One S and the Note, they have a pretty good line up. Not every company gets every great phone out there. And yes, they are doing a good job at catching up to the rest following that stupid AT&T mess.
No, I'm sorry to bust your bubble. Been with them for 10 maybe 11 years. Brought my lines from Puerto Rico to the sates.
I understand what you are saying +antoine harrison , at the same time, T-Mobile is getting better phones (The One S, Upcoming Galaxy S 3 and the Note) No company is perfect, I could tell you some horror stories about AT&T and Sprint. They do have problems to address, nobody will dispute that. But they are working on addressing those problems. You chose to leave and join AT&T, we wish you the best of luck. Some of us choose to stand by T-Mobile and given them a change to fix the things they need to fix. Your complaint about the phones will not be valid much longer. And I have been with T-Mobile for years too, they have always taken good care of me.
I am not trying to burst your bubble. Dude, I wished you the best of luck and explained my point of view. That was it. Could you try and keep an open mind when you read please?
No harm done. Thanks for the response. I to get involved on topics! lol
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