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So, which smartphone will you choose? 
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John B
GS3 better design.
I own the One S... I'm ready to get the S3... that will be my last carrier branded phone...
Galaxy S 3.

But if it was the HTC One X on T-Mobile, I think it would be a much harder decision. 
if i was going to get one of them, s3. won't trade my galaxy nexus for it though.
Got my Gnex on VZW and can't be happier. Miss t-mo plans but I need the service in the boonies and that 100mb roaming allotment just won't do it. I just wish Verizon had as awesome of a blog as TmoNews! shakes fist at VZBuzz
Waiting to see if T-Mo will get the Note to decide
Not even a competition S3 or note not the soft One S
A Nexus. Whichever one has the best specs when they are revealed
I'm go with the Samsung. Looking for a bigger screen.
Give me a full spec sheet and I can make a decision.........Not overly impressed with the HTC one s
then I look one post down and find the specs for SIII LOL.........yeah gonna have to sit this one out. Waiting for Quad core processor with Tegra 3
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