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Apple sent takedown letters to retailers selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus devices. Is this a step too far? 
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It's my understanding shooting yourself in the foot is not a pleasant experience...not sure why they keep doing it.
Tantamount to anti-competitive behaviour and intimidation: yes
fucking Apple.  I hope those retailers gave them to finger!
Nope. They complied even before the letter. If you think this will hurt apple sales, thanks again. There are far too many pro Apple consumers who don't give a rat's ass about Android, Samsung, or patent trolling.
Scott, considering the amount of marketshare Android currently holds over everyone's heads, there are probably just as many people, if not more, who don't give a rat's ass about Apple, iDevices, or iOS. And Best Buy, Radioshack, and Target were all still selling both the Nexus  and the Tab on my recent stroll through the mall when the ban was in effect, a whole 2 days before the temporary stay.
Apparently Scott likes to make broad statements will little or no evidence...the article clearly stated Sam's was still evaluating if it even affected them....doesn't sound like compliance to me.
+Terence Gentry I agree. I, for one, wouldn't shed a single tear if Apple suddenly vanished. I'm disgusted with their patent trolling. As far as Samsung hardware is concerned, Best Buy near me does not have the Galaxy Tab for sale.

+Robert Beier That was not a broad statement. My statement was quite factual. There are two articles that clearly state Best Buy and Walmart executives had given a directive to their stores to cease selling the Galaxy Tabs. Since Sam's Club is owned by the same people as Walmart, they were to comply as well. Perhaps not in your area, but in mine for sure.

Your hostile post is duly noted, but unnecessary.
this is getting way out of control someone needs to step in and stop this at the end of the day the consumer is loosing this does not make me stop buying android for Apple it only makes me hate apple more
+Scott Steinhart Interesting note with the Tab not being sold near you. But they're not exactly a homogeneous company to begin with lol
+Terence Gentry Very true. Very true. Interestingly enough, Apple's injunction applies to the importation of these products, not the products on the shelves. There is no reason the retail stores can't tell Apple to fuck off. Next thing they will do is send equally threatening letters to the people that already own these devices, to dispose of them or face legal action.
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