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Four years ago today, T-Mobile introduced the G1 to the world. What's your fondest memory of Android? 
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My fondest memory of having a Android phone was the day I sold it.
The day I got my G1 before release.
When the G1 was released, I was still rocking the Sidekick LX. I didn't get one until January of 09. I was happy to make the switch and never looked back.
The ability to hack the heck outta that phone .. I learned allot from all that tinkering :) now I have an addiction
And i remember standing in line to get my G1 i was crazy amp
Sam Sun
Rooting and tinkering with it until I bought a Galaxy Nexus ... wow can't believe the phone lasted that long ☺ I miss you G1 #nostalgic
Still have my g1, but my fondest day in regards to android was the day the nexus 1 launched
Wow how much android has changed! My g1 was a champ...sold it on eBay and had the official mytouch froyo update running on it
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