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Oh hey, look. It's not April and the +Baltimore Orioles have the best record in baseball. I'm confused, did I trip into a time machine that dumped me out in 1997?
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Show me a better minimalist sports page with static URLs and I'll use it.
The O's being in first are just statistical noise from small sample sizes so I'm not going to waste brain cells getting all verklempt over it.

Now, that Angles eating up last place in the AL West... Perfect Strangers - The Dance of Joy
Lookit this jerk, being a buzzkill up in this here piece. This is the best start to the season the O's have had since 2005.
What ended up happening in 05?
O's on pace for 110 wins! Seems legit.
+Tim Nguyen Just wait until Pujols remembers to start cycling again. Then you'll be sorry.
+Janak Parekh +Tom McGhan ... I think I was suggesting that if you were going back to 1997... to buy Yahoo stock. No comments intended on the sports site of choice. (glares)
+Janak Parekh I would buy the YHOO stock first, sell at peak, and then buy GOOG. (If this were 1997 and going forward)
I can't, in good conscience, root for the Rays as they're the only team with a stadium worse than the +Oakland Athletics.
I rooted for the Rays this weekend... to lose.
I like the Trop. It makes no sense to not have a domed roof when you have summers in the 90s.
Oh my, a hot summer, how can you play baseball in that.
Live in Florida in August where it can be 90 plus in the shade and then come talk to me.
The Trop is also awesome because that's where my college held commencement.
I'm not seeing awesome being correctly associated in any of your comments so far. Maybe if you said something about alligators or mosquitoes, I'd understand.
I am associating awesome (perhaps unrealistically) with memories and sentimental value. It's hella hot during most of baseball season so there were nothing that hit the spot like going to the Trop and having a beer at "the Beach."

Before they rebranded to the Rays (don't get me started on that), we had a Manta Ray petting pool in the outfield.

I also got to walk on the field, into the dugouts, and onto the next batter's box, (and got in trouble, ... long story)

All that adds up to awesome for me.
I have very fond memories of playing with centipedes at the base of some bombed out temple in the streets of Saigon when I was five... :)
Pretty severe dude... But like I said, it's awesome to me. While I LOVE Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I loved it's predecessor too, Memorial Park.
You can have an awesome dome and you can have the modern-day equivalent of the Metrodome.
+Janak Parekh Cheap seats at the Trop were ~$7, probably still under $10. Compare that to the home loan needed to buy a ticket at that monstrosity at which the Yankees play.
In my defense, I'm an O's and Rays fan, it's in my nature to like things that may be fundamentally broken. ;)
Can we all just agree that, without making any sweeping generalizations, everything in Florida is terrible?