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Not only am I a grumpy old stick in the mud, I am now beginning to speak my mind. If my statements offend or upset you, please, respond with logic, facts, and reason to back up your point of view and convince me mine is wrong.

WARNING: I spend more time sitting around thinking than any other thing; it's part of my job, and it's followed closely by reading and studying, so my thoughts will have a firm basis in reality. If you aren't prepared for a long, thoughtful, detailed conversation that leads to agreement and/or compromise by both of us, it might just be best to assume I'm right and adjust your mind - or unfollow me, if you prefer to live in an echo chamber.
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I'd like to know a bit more about your job, Teel.
Oh, I call myself a "full time creative", usually. It's less of a job, really, than what I am. I write (and publish) books, I create art, and I dabble in: music, film, food, programming, and more. I spend most of my time on the books, and most of that time sitting around thinking - I prefer to get all my thinking done ahead of time, then sit down and write an entire book very quickly (I think the fastest I've written a novel is in about 60 hours - without stopping to sleep). For my two new books, coming out May 12th, I spent about 11 months thinking (and researching), and about 6 weeks writing (the 6 weeks were spread over 4 months, because, as I'm sure you're aware, life interrupts; four good weeks in a row, a 2.5 month interruption, and then two more good weeks). Then I've spent the last two months thinking about (and working on) publishing and marketing them - and thinking about my next trilogy.

Turns out I wasn't only thinking about Never Let the Right One Go during those 11 months (actually, I also edited and published another person's book in there, and did several works of commissioned art), I was also thinking about this upcoming trilogy - enough so that I expect to be able to begin writing them within ... say, four or five months of thinking (and researching), between the publication of the new books and when I put the first word down. With any luck I'll have that trilogy ready to publish by the end of the year, and I can focus on thinking about my art. (I've been on a sort of hiatus from art for the last two years - focusing on my books.)

Oh, and because of how I think, and the sort of world building I tend toward, a large proportion of my research and reading and thinking is about things like economics, political structure and history, science (a lot of physics, some other sciences), sociology and psychology, and theology.
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