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Teel McClanahan
Author, Artist, All-around-crazy-person
Author, Artist, All-around-crazy-person
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My card game Kickstarter reached its goal today, and there are almost 3 weeks left for new players to find it—have you taken a look, yet?

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I figured G+ was the place to share this, rather than FB... I also figure that my sharing it will have no effect on their choice—and that even if they come to the Phoenix area, the chances of their rolling out in my neighborhood are next to none. Oh, well.
We're excited to start discussions with the Phoenix area to bring Google Fiber there. Share this graphic to let your neighbors know the news. Learn more and sign up for updates:

I started writing a post here, and before long it got to be too long—so long I'm going to make a blog post of it, instead.

What's G+ for, again?

I was deleting some zombie accounts of mine (Linkedin, MySpace, Friendster, Plurk) and while Googling my name to see whether I'd forgotten some others, noticed the street address on my Google Contact info was out of date (we bought a new house in March).

When I went to look at my Google+ Profile to update it, I realized I haven't even looked at my G+ profile in ... well, in at least 4 books: My "Story" still said I'd published 15 books, but I've now published 19. Huh.

G+ is almost, but not quite, another zombie account, for me.
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