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TheBlaze: Country Artist’s Conservative Anthem Takes Internet by Storm: ‘The Most Controversial Song of the Year’

So what do you think of the song? Myself, I like it and do age with what the song says. If you do not like it and or disagree with the song, why?

Timothy Haas

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Computer Room Window

 This has been a very cold and snowy winter here in Mount Morris. Each time I expect the weather to improve, the temperature drops later. This has caused many Icicles to form around the house.

 When you look out the computer room window, this one can not be missed.


Timothy Haas

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I seem to have misplaced my motivation today. Maybe I'll look for it later....maybe not.

Timothy Haas

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Never seen anything like this before, but it is really slick to see.
The ice sculpture was discovered in the visitor's parking lot at Vidant Medical Center Tuesday afternoon.
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Timothy Haas

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 What does it matter 

What does her sexual preference matter? Does it enhance her abilities at all? All Bullshit is what I say. It's called a private life for a reason. Im 53 and never spoken to anyone in general what I enjoy nor would I speak of my sexual preferences, no one has a need to know I say.

Amid calls for resignation after conflict of interest allegations involving Oregon Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber and his fiancé and First Lady Cylvia Hayes, reports surfaced on Thursday that the governor’s office ordered thousands of emails to be destroyed.
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Timothy Haas

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"At least the sun is out."
"Oh, good. That way I can be blinded by the glare as I slide off the icy road to my frigid death in a 12 foot snow drift."

Timothy Haas

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This is my youngest daughter, Natasha Haas. She looks much like her mother and I think see is very stunning.  I hope I get a chance to tell her in person, she lives in Texas.

Timothy Haas

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 Here is what is going on, this young man claims his Facebook account was closed due to the video posted here. Facebook states that this young man was not 13 but 12, thus causing Facebook to remove the account.

 No information that I could find that stated how long he did have the account. Yes, he was wrong to have a account and Facebook had the right to delete the account.

 I do agree with what this young man states, I think he should have his own Blog and have a family member of the proper age, post his videos.

 So what do you, was this action taken based on his content or age?
12-Year-Old C.J. Pearson's Rant On Obama is AMAZING
New Car

 My old car started to cost me more in repair bills then I thought worth paying. So, a new 2015 Chevy Equinox looked so nice and after the test drive, bought the car.

 AWD, Bluetooth and my favorite add-on, the back up camera. No more running over toys and such come spring for me.


Timothy Haas

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Barber House

I had to see this place in person, the information I had on this house is as follows:

"The house had been started by Nathaniel Alward, Barber's brother-in-law, but was purchased and finished by Barber who called it "Chestnut Place" because of the many chestnut trees there. Alward went back to Cayuga County where he came from.

Robert Gath and his family were the last to live there. He wrote this description of it....'Fifteen rooms, a half mile of halls, 9 closets, one fireplace of black marble and two of oak. The doors are curly maple and winding staircase cherry. The wall paper in the the upstairs rooms in the original paper'. He said the marble bathroom is gone."

 Not possible to get very deep inside, the floors look bad and parts of the second floor has fallen in. I want to return in the spring and see the outside of the house.

Watch Face

 Decided to make this my current watch face, easy for me to read and gives the data I want.

All my work except for the hands and I can't remember where I got them so whoever you are great work.Oh, emblem is not mine ether.
Winter 2015

 Still snowing since 7 am this morning. News states it will continue until tomorrow night. I gave in clearing the snow. No sooner then I am complete, its back again.
 Dogs are having a great time outside, but 15 minutes is the limit

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