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Master of Science in Cyber Security

 I made the decision to return to college. I have chosen Liberty University online program. For me to graduate will take 6 years, which I feel is time well spent. At the end of the time, I plan to use my Masters degree and teach free class's in Cyber Security.
 A bonus for me, I have been informed that my tuition rate is 50% as I am a veteran. Also, most fee's are being waived and the University will cover the cost of my books.

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Timothy Haas

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Rima Karaki

I enjoyed watching the video. She (Rima Karaki) did try to be polite and informed him (Sheikh Al-Seba’i) that time was running out. He was very rude and well, dull interview subject. I was very glad to see glad to see  she cut him short.


Timothy Haas

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Sick people, very sick. Need to send troops and such, take them and the city out. No half-ass attack either, do as we did in WWII I am sure nothing of the sort will happen anytime soon.

DAILY MAIL: Eight dead bodies hang from a metal frame in the Iraq's Kirkuk province in Islamic State's latest public display of barbarity.

Timothy Haas

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 Here is what is going on, this young man claims his Facebook account was closed due to the video posted here. Facebook states that this young man was not 13 but 12, thus causing Facebook to remove the account.

 No information that I could find that stated how long he did have the account. Yes, he was wrong to have a account and Facebook had the right to delete the account.

 I do agree with what this young man states, I think he should have his own Blog and have a family member of the proper age, post his videos.

 So what do you, was this action taken based on his content or age?
12-Year-Old C.J. Pearson's Rant On Obama is AMAZING
New Car

 My old car started to cost me more in repair bills then I thought worth paying. So, a new 2015 Chevy Equinox looked so nice and after the test drive, bought the car.

 AWD, Bluetooth and my favorite add-on, the back up camera. No more running over toys and such come spring for me.


 In just 2 months, I will starting College, so, to be ready, I am taking online math classes. after a hour, I can say this.

"How many trout, salmon, and mackerel all together did the grizzly bear eat?"

My answer: WHO CARES


Timothy Haas

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My top 10 movies

These are the top films I enjoy and watch again, what are yours?

1. Up

2. Dawn of the Dead (1979)

3. Fury


5.Frankenstein (1931)

6.Dracula (1931)

7. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

8. The Exorcist

9. King Kong (1933)

JoAnna 12th Birthday

 This past week, JoAnna turned 12, and has declared herself to be a tween. I had bought her a Microscope, plus pre made slides, a set of blanks and some stain to make new slides.

 Everything she could was placed under the scope to be viewed and the general comment was "ewww". I also bought her some girly items, a set of hair bows. Enough for one very day of the month.


I was looking forward to HBO Now until I read "HBO Now launching exclusively on Apple TV and the App Store next month for $14.99/month". Well, that ended my desire right there, I do not an Apple product, nor do I desire to purchase one for the sake of HBO.
 I am sure Apple offered a very nice deal to HBO, but I will not be joining them. Do you have an Apple product and will you join this offer?

Starting off the Apple Special Event today, CEO Tim Cook welcomed HBO CEO Richard Pepler on stage to announce a new content deal for the Apple TV. HBO Now, the network's premium, Internet-based sub...

Timothy Haas

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TheBlaze: Country Artist’s Conservative Anthem Takes Internet by Storm: ‘The Most Controversial Song of the Year’

So what do you think of the song? Myself, I like it and do age with what the song says. If you do not like it and or disagree with the song, why?
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Timothy Haas

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Computer Room Window

 This has been a very cold and snowy winter here in Mount Morris. Each time I expect the weather to improve, the temperature drops later. This has caused many Icicles to form around the house.

 When you look out the computer room window, this one can not be missed.

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