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At least one good job done by congress, Right decision at Right time.
Finally! It should have done long back. Better still. Jai hind 
Ahh ajmal thank Indian government...
though there might be lots of politics which delayed this action. Definitely people of our country will feel very happy, a morning can never be such good.
Is it really happened? Or some more secrecy is not yet published?
this decision should had been taken much earlier at the incident took so that others get cautioned before doing anything
Though It's a Late Move , still It is a great one that our Govt has hanged him.
But None of terrorist's are gona Change their attitude Bcos of this verdict
Thank you Congress for having dare to hang Ajmal Kasab. I am thinking dengue mosquito had open eyes and patriotism of congress
Congress is eyeing on 2014 election..... wise move by the congress to hang him bfr parliment winter sesion....Now oppostion parties,media& civiliansl would forget abt FDI in Retail... 
Its not just hanging kasab, it will make the others who are thinking about this kind of acts.. Good job atlast..
Rastrapati ji ki  jai ho... parantu  afjal ka kya kar rahe hain??
He was hanged to death at the Yerawada central prison here this morning
Dips ss
at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When will be mastermind of attack will brought to justice ??? (GOD KNOW)
As matter to congress or any other political party, ALL PLAY DIRTY POLITICS.
Rajiv Gandhi Killers are still not executed, Despite court order..
Execution of terrorist is welcome step, taken in right direction.
For that CONGRESS should be PRAISED
we save our money............Spending on "Athiti Devo Bhav"................
Was it the Dengu Mosquito or our President???
We shall never know...
We dont know even if he died because of his illness. Govt. just want to take credit. Why he was taken to yarwada jain in the middle of the night at 2 O'clock. ?
A few years later......but he got what he deserved. 
Hon.Home Minister.. Well Done Sir..ONES A COP..ALWAYZ A COP...!!
Normally I'd just say "great, good news" but let's face it, he and as kind embrace death through a misguided view that they will be rewarded in the afterlife - better punishment would have been a life of pain and suffering, alone in a dark cell with only enough scraps given to survive on. Death takes away his suffering, a slow decent to hell rotting in a cell, alone and on the brink of starvation would have been more of a deterrent to others. 
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