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Nearly a week after two Palghar girls were arrested for an innocuous Facebook post, the govt is suspending the superintendent of police (Thane rural). In a separate development, the Bombay HC transferred Ramchandra Bagade, the first-class judicial magistrate at Palghar who had given the girls bail of Rs 15,000 each. Read more:
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where is the dislike button? I want to dislike the first comment!!
Its people like +Harsha Vardhan who are holding back the nation with their stupidity and lack of knowledge of basic human rights.
Forget about the views of individual peoples it may vary from people to people, my question is how one can justify the issue of arrest.
+Asfakul Islam u hv grown up man,  ur gonna punch him :D btw coming to the point...I think he wants to mean innocent are those who arrested them just for speaking the truth. He is the true face of a bloody corrupt shi*s** activist who used to spread discrimination among it's own country people.
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