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in choron ko chor na kaho
in balaatkario ko balaatkari mat karo
in lutero ko lutera na kaho
in hatyao ko hathyara na kaho

ye kuch muthhi bhar log is desh mei taalibaani shashan chahte hai aise logon ko beech chaurahe par faasi do
All the politicians are choro ka raja/rani
people should boycott next elections then lets see who gets in the parliament..
every politician who is playing around with our money for their benefit instead of serving the country should be hung publicly by the people who elected them . only then our country will survive . Its high time we stop these dicks from screwing the country .. Psychologically cartoons can teach a lot to children than stupid teachers who beat them up in schools. they can shape their minds better than most of the schools . why are these politicians acting like uneducated assholes?! . Sorry for my usage of "unpolitical" words . but i didnt get any words in "English" to describe my wrath against these "dickheads"
We are in this place because in the first place we didn't elect the right leaders. When we elect the likes of Mayawati, Mulayam, Karunanidhi, Pawar, Laloo,..... what did we expected from these guys.
we the peoples are nor voting or electing wrong peoples to represent us . BOYA PED BABOOL KA TO AAM KAHA SE KHAYE.
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