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Israel army tweets Gaza strike live

War propaganda entered a whole new dimension on Wednesday night as the Israeli Defence Forces tweeted a strike in Gaza live. International news portals said this was the world's first broadcast of an ongoing military campaign through Twitter
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Another over-reaction by the Israelis. I'm sick of hearing their excuses about how they need to bring war machines to fight every time a Palestinian flashes a knife.

Yes, there are a few terrorists lurking in Gaza. How the hell would anyone expect there not to be a few considering how the Israelis keep walling them in, taking more of their land, and invading with tanks and artillery every time a few crazies launch a few rockets.

#notcool #aparthied #ghettos
it is atrocious act of Israel army 
isreali;s are the dark ,satanic face on the world peace..
Death on-line. Least we forget, this is not a Hollywood blockbuster and the blood is real.
Has the human race lost all good taste? 
How do they call themselves human?
A Very Outrageous Act by an Israelian Army !!
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