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Rahul is like a horse which carries groom, says Yashwant Sinha. Read more:
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dhobi ke gadhe ko shadi ki ghodi bata diya,  iss ki to izzat-afzahi ho gayi, khush hona chahiye
Well said Mr. Sinha. We don't even know what are his views on most of the issues facing the country. He seldom speaks to the press. What we all know is that he comes from a family of Nehru/Gandhi.He is thinking of taking over the highest post without adequate experience in the government. Congress is a lineage party with a bunch of sycophants.
Gandhi indicates Feroz Gandhy, a Parsi who was a journalist and publisher of the National Herald newspaper. Later on after marrying Indira Nehru, he came into politics and thus the surname Gandhi was adopted by Indira, Rajeev and now Rahul. It's interesting to know that the letter y in Gandhy was replaced with an i. Moreover its is the last name Gandhi which sounds familiar with Mahatma Gandhi and has no connection whatsoever.
Its just like they are faking us all from so many years and people are following then as the Indian rupee carry the picture of Gandhi and due to that only single family is getting all the benefits....ITS A SHAME TO ALL OF US.....
horses are sueing Yashvant sinha, for comparing Gadha with horses...!!!!
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