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Anti-Thackeray Facebook post: 9 held for vandalising clinic in Palghar

Nine people have been arrested for vandalising a clinic after a girl posted anti-Thackeray comment on Facebook questioning Mumbai shutdown on Sunday.
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It is right to arrest the culprits who vandalized the hospital but I condemn the arrest of two girls for posting their views in FB.This law is misused and should be amended.
No one should be allowed to take the law in their own hands, whoever  aggrieved by whatever sentiments.
Thackeray supporters who vandlaized and mumbai police who arrested and thus advertised the FB post are a bunch of loons
What is surprising is that even after Justice Srikrishna report, they survived and allowed to run amok freely even under a so called secularist Cong govt. !!.
the so called secularist congress government was the one who supported and promoted Bal Thackeray against the communist unions
some body tell Mumbai police that use their brain while file FIR. before  launching FIR against DIGVIJAY SINGH you want to tack opinion and here when accused is common people they file FIR. There is a two law is in India...  
he was used every where but not killed by operation to be a one shall give two fingers to the terror which flourished on communal poison,take away hinduism the state of bharat shall collapse like a house of cards.
She allegedly said that one should not observe bandh for Thackeray's funeral. "We should remember Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev," the post said. 
On Sunday, Shaheen Dhada (21) posted a comment on her Facebook page questioning the shutdown (following Bal Thackeray's death). Local Shiv Sainiks in Palghar objected and asked her to apologize, which she allegedly refused to initially. Despite her later posting of an apology, a big mob of activists vandalized the Dhada orthopaedic hospital belonging to her uncle Dr Abdul Dhada and manhandled staff and patients. Under Sainiks' pressure, police detained Shaheen and her friend Rini Srinivasan (21, who had 'liked' Shaheen's comment on FB) late at night and arrested them on Monday morning for "hurting religious sentiments." The charge was later reduced and the two girls granted bail on surety of Rs 15,000 each.
He was neither bad nor mad. In reality no one born on this earth is bad or mad.  we all, each one of us, gather varied experiences living his or her life on this earth.  wise men tell us to accept every situation that confront us  and remain happy. Negativities will land us in misery.  Positive thinking affords us opportunities to grow and march ahead towards the reality of life.  After all the great God is behind all our activities.  We all have to aspire for His grace to
realise the purpose of  why we are born on earth - to attain Self Knowledge.  Adi Sankarachary says: death again birth again,birth again death again, how many times one would wish to enter a mother's womb to protect one's Self.  Food for serious thought for all of us. 
contd.   His grace to attain Self Knowledge,  Adi Sankaracharya says: birth again death again  birth again death again, how many times one would wish to enter a mother's womb to protect his|her Self.  Food for serious thought for all of us.
Mani Venketesh, this just an opiated hallucination created by  dogmatic education or in other words plain 'brainwash' :(
do you think after all this that is happenning around us, IS there any law and order in this country?
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