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Thackreyisms live: In Mumbai a girl was arrested yesterday for this FB post - "people like Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a bandh for that". Another girl who 'liked' the comment was also arrested. -

What’s your take?
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So much for free speech! And they're demanding building of a monument beside Chhatrapati Shivaji's for this guy? What a farce!
Though there is right to express what u think , but  speaking something against the expectation of the common people is always risky !
Arun MR
The girl is very right. Even her comment was mild ....
This is very wrong... What happened to freedom of speech....!!!! 
balasaheb was great human being...
yes everybody have a freedom to speech but we want to carefull to speech against the public hero...
19 lacs people came this not enough to know the importance of that man.
Sad development. One might not agree with her but this is stretching the law too far.
I want to make a gentle remainder, India Is a Democratic Country
when did we get so called "freedom"?i doubt it after what action been taken after these kind of comments etc.,it's unfortunate
Everyone must speak their thoughts... no one has right to stop it, even the most capable leader
The leader who had the guts to convert his own thoughts in to action..
i dnt wanna live in india anymore.. where the govt is a fool.. 
Shame on Govt...

whose religious sentiments got hurt...
The downside of being a so-called 'democracy'
Arun MR
Freedom of speech is about being able to express ones opinions without fear. It does not have to conform with what people think or what majority think. Suppressing that with law and muscles is what banana republics do. +chintamani manjare 
+chintamani manjare So following your train of thought, India consists only of Hindus eh? Last I checked, India prided itself for being a secular democracy, with the citizens going by the name of INDIANs. Not HINDUs. Trust me - outside of your state and outside of the influence of your Shiv Sena cadres, this guy's opinions wasn't even worth a dime.
बाळासाहेबांच्या अंत्ययाञेत 20 लाख
लोक होते आणि पाकिस्तानच्या सैन्यदलात 14 लाख लोक आहेत.म्हणुन सांगतो मराठी माणसाचा नाद करु नका.............There was 20 lakh Shivsainik in AntyaYatra of Balasaheb.....and In pakistan's army there are 14 lakh soldier(?) be careful about MARATHI and HINDU people....
+chintamani manjare Which is what..wait let me see.. oh a meager 0.16% of the total Indian population of 1.2 billion? Ha! And you claim that this 0.16% will act as the mouthpiece of India to dictate on how we should live & behave while the rest of India should keep shut!!

Come on bro... I don't even see the beginnings of a rational argument here :)

Having said that, I'll concede that his heart and his mouth were in tandem. He spoke and stoof by what he firmly believed in. He should be praised for that integrity, if anything at all. That is something rare to come by among the politicians these days.
+Sourjya Sankar Sen maine aisa to nahi kaha.....i was just pointing towrds importance  of BALASHEB to marathi dat Whole Maharastra stoped for one day....If u feel dat i am not making rational argument...den dont mention me....We know what is rational ....for understanding it u hav to come in REAL india and live here with common people of mumbai....den u will get what i want to say......i am not going to reply anyone who is working and living outside the India and talking about my country...
shameless creatures they are.Gutter is the only place for them.
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