This is probably the best idea for a +HIRL that I have seen so far. And I am definitely interested, think it would be lots of fun! And we all could use a cruise vacay, yes?

If +Michelle Marie managed to plan this, who would be interested? See OP for deets, and if you have ideas for cruiseline and type pf cruise, shoot them there too!
I'm ready for another cruise. Yes, I know I'll be without Internet access for a while but there's so much fun to be had I won't miss the disconnection.

Last year I went to Jamaica and Haiti, the year before that, the Bahamas. Not sure where I want to go this summer but I know what ship I want to cruise on - The Oasis of the Seas. It's a ship like no other. Rock climbing, zip line, surfing pool... and so much more.

I wonder if we could arrange a Google+ summer cruise meet-up. It would be a blast to party with a few of my G+ web friends :)
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