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Tif's Race for the Cure: It Starts Here

So we all know what cancer is, right? Aside from a very nasty and crippling disease, it is the one thing that has been a very frustrating pain in our asses, since:

1. So many years since it's existence and still no cure for it
2. No one knows what exactly causes it, even though there have been theories

However, that will not stop me from continuing to do whatever I can to help organizations raise as many funds as possible for research in order to finally beat this thing. I have lost very few to cancer, but the losses still burn. And I refuse to lose anymore of my loved ones prematurely to this disease. So in that vein:

This year I have decided, again, to fund-raise for cancer and simultaneously train to run The San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon( on June 3, 2012 with a team called +Team In Training(TNT). TNT works with +The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society which is the charity that we raise the funds for. All funds go towards not only cancer research, but also to support families in need in providing such things as medication, and to pay for chemotherapy or radiation treatments. The first time I did this marathon was last year, in which I did the half-marathon. This year, I will stick to my word from last year to my teammates and attempt to do the full.

I myself have a sponsorship page, on which I blog about phases in my training. I started officially training in January of this year, but because of setbacks in my own personal life, have only started to actively fund-raise for it now. On my page as I get deeper into my training you will find pictures, stories, video(if they will let me embed!) and other informational tidbits.

What I am asking is simple; that you donate whatever you can to the cause. I don't care if it's $20 or $5 or even 50c. I feel that as long as I am alive and in this body, it is my duty to do whatever I can to make sure I help my fellow humans who may need it. And since I can, am perfectly fit and of sound mind, I will be running this marathon in the name of the woman listed on my page, and all who have ever fought the battle with cancer. Let's beat this thing together!

Going forward, and Lord Willing, I will post weekly updates on my training here and include the link to my page for more info. These could include pictures, video, or just me ranting and raving about some setback thereof. I hope you guys will visit my page often(I will try to make it a lot more fun and not as TL;DR as this post I promise!) ;)

Below is a picture of me on the Brooklyn Bridge last year while training for this same marathon during a run my coach calls "The Triple Bypass." We ran over three bridges here in NY, the Manhattan, The Brooklyn and the Williamsburgh. Total distance ran was about 10miles. Only thing not so fun about that day was the weather, it was 30 degrees :(

Link to my fundraising page:

Thank you all for reading, and thanks for the support!

Tif <3

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Awesome..look adorable!!""
Three words: YOU GO GIRL!

Its people like you who can help shape a better future and I applaud your courage and heroism and hope others will follow in your light to raise awareness for illnesses and fund research/development.
You are so amazing will definitely support you. I'll check the links when I'm back on notebook. Xo
Very cool. Wish I could run with you.
Thanks +Tina Vale!

Thank you for the lovely words +Stéphyy Vee! I have been fighting against this disease for years. Be it doing walks, fundraising or just visiting people who are battling it. I will continue to try to put a stop to it's reign on humankind :-)

+Tarver King I want every able bodied soul to run this marathon with me lol
I'll cheer you on from the comfort of my sofa :)
I'm so glad to see you're racing on behalf of L&L, they do good work as far as I know. I'll do my best to get something together to help you along. That's much easier to accomplish given a bit of notice like this. =)
Good LORD! Somebody has good genes. Just sayin... >_>

p.s. - marry me
Oh and, more appropriate reply: Great work! We're all proud of you! :) I'm rootin' for ya. :)
Awesome +Tiffany Henry ! Good luck on the full marathon. I'll be running the SD R&R too with RTK (Run Team Kina). I was going to run the half but one of my coworkers who has never run before wanted to try as well so I decided that I'll go run the 2 person relay with her. Run to get rid of cancer and get another running buddy. =)
Thank you so much +Michael Baker! L&L has been one of the premier cancer research charities for years. I am honored to be on this effort with them :-)

+Thomas Olson put a ring on it and we'll talk. lol j/k thanks hunny! :-)

+Alvin Quidem that's sweet! I posted about my efforts here and +Terrence Lui decided to run this with me, just like that! So you're right! Hope to see you out there fellow runner! And may I ask what is RTK?

+lerato majikfaerie and u roll hun!

Thanks for your donation, and the reshare +Steve Anthony Herrera! When are we satisfying that random odd craving together? ;-)

I saw that +Vivienne Gucwa and thank you so much! You're awesome, beautiful lady! ❤
I am already sponsoring a motorcycle friend of mine. Great cause.
+Tiffany Henry I am so sharing this prime time tomorrow. BTW I would love to see you while you are in San Diego.
Thanks +Pam Adger! And yes, we definitely have to meet up after I finish the race then :-)
Sorry for the late reply +Tiffany Henry . RTK was started by musician +Kina Grannis (hence the name Run Team Kina) in January to try to raise money for L&L and to try to get people to better themselves physically and mentally. I believe she is trying to raise enough to fund a cancer research grant this year. If you wanted to know more about it, the webpage is . Either way, it's a great thing that both of you are doing. Good luck training for the race!
u go girl!!! i'll be rooting for u huggzzzzzzzz
This cute girl has the spirit to run for good causes. I hope you last.
Good luck with the race and fundraising, well done :)
I hope this gets around for all the good work you do.
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