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Yesterday, we explored the volcano at Haleakala National Park.
This is Hawaii's only volcano that has been dormant since the 17th century.

The drive up was scenic, but met with high winds - gusts of 50mph to be exact. The mountain goes up to an elevation of just about 10,023ft, so expect your ears too pop the entire way.
Also expect the wind to be so strong that it can knock you over if you try to stand and take pictures, slam a car door on your fingers, and possibly blow the plastic windows of your Jeep out, or even the glass ones.
Also expect it to be cold! We weren't prepared for that, so we had to stop at one of the visitors centres to grab some long sleeve shirts, and luckily we already had ponchos that we had purchased from hours before. It was at the visitors centre that we found out that there are only 13 consonants in the Hawaiian alphabet, to which my response was, "We have 27 in the mainland," which was met with laughter and high fives from the staff. They also informed us that there were people there who did not know that Hawaii is a US state. o_O

And if we didn't realise just how serious the winds were, we sure did when we tried to get back down and out of the park, and came across a fallen tree blocking the only entrance and exit.
There were people just standing there inspecting(as you can see from the photo below). Some even tried to pull the tree up with their bare hands! But no one alerted a park ranger, so we turned around, went back up to the visitors centre and did so, and they had the tree removed within minutes. We also got confirmation of what we had already suspected: no one else had alerted the park rangers to the fallen tree. So we were the heroes for the day, besides the guy who removed the tree, of course ;-)

Despite all, a fantastic day, and one for the memory books.

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