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This is the twelfth photo in my phone
Tagged by +Matt Gurnicz

taken in Animal Kingdom of Walt Disney World in sunny, hot, humid Florida which is where I am at the moment. 
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A beautiful foto,maybe someone  will love this place and come there,hahaha...happy evening Tiffany.
April Day 1 ~ Something purple 
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Never seen a ball like that, good looks like there's pieces of material on it.
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Day 19 - Cropped

Cropping a blue buffalo painted on a sidewalk somewhere is Santa Fe 
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+Alfredo Aceves _haha_  After looking at it (again) I got the same sense. I got a little dizzy, too :P 
Thank yoU! 
Day 8 ~ In the corner ... 
... of my buffet shelf is one of my owls, Gandalf. 
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On one of my previous posts, I shared a shadow cast upon the earth from what I presumed to be contrails. Little did I know of a term called "chemtrails" and exactly what that meant until thanks to +Tristan Guillaume and +Jimmy King who brought attention to them. What I learned is disturbing. For those who would like to be informed, take some time to do so with this video and do some research. What you find out is surprising and concerning to say the least.  
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Beginning of Zombie Apocalypse starts with chemtrails..
Have her in circles
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Day 2 of my #fivedayquest  

Sharing a bit of our #nerddom  which includes a MarioKart inspired #minecraft  world  built by my son. He was up late last night building as I watched. My world (my admission that I do play with this) isn't nearly as cool as what this kid comes up with. Sheesh. And then there's Mort, my cat, resting on his back by one of my Star Wars masks, a remnant of what would have been a May the Fourth Be With You celebration which got sidelined by the call of the road (which was very thunderous) see previous fivedayquest post

About the  #fivedayquest  
Here are the Five Day Quest guidelines:
-post a photo from your day for the next 5 days
-hashtag it #fivedayquest  
-tag a friend to join in, mentioning the original person who tagged you, too.

I shall now invite the awesome Mr +Patrick Kelly to partake in sharing. No pressure and start whenever time allows =) I was invited by the lovely +Micah Cutler as well as two other lovelies, +Lesley Collier and +Cherie Manifest 
I'm also going to mention +Jon Herning to get your feet wet. Don't worry, I won't pull the pool out from under you when/if you take that dive :P No pressure......... 
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Cool. +1
Day 1 of *#fivedayquest  *

I've been tagged by +Micah Cutler to participate in the #fivedayquest  which is photo of your daily life for each day in the next five days. (I hope I can do this)
I was also tagged by +Cherie Manifest and +Lesley Collier which I am including since I have not been able to get to this since after saying I would ((((sorry)))) 
I believe I am supposed to nominate someone different each day to join, so I shall nominate +T.Stephen Gaunt, and when you can and no pressure of obligation
So this is my submission, a peak into the life and times of Tiff. Behold! Here is a peak into the things that take me away from my G+ time. Not that I am complaining ... too much :D 
Five Day Quest Guidelines:
- Post a photo from your day for the next five days.
- Add hashtag #fivedayquest
- Tag everyday a friend to join
- Mention the original person who tagged you.
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Looks like out of Kanab, UT. Beautiful country.
These are my 4 submissions/interpretations of Fuschia, Rule of Thirds, Circle, and Steam for +Chrysta Rae 's New Year, New Hunt photo scavenger hunt which I participated in for the first time. 
Anyone interested in joining should circle the amazing +Chrysta Rae , and watch for her post to join which is today at 12:00 MST. so sorry for sharing this so late!! I hardly get to get on my laptop/desktop
Link to convert time in your area:

Link to her post announcing the sign up process:
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Checking still around?
Day 16 ~ Beautifully Ordinary 
I just liked the way the morning sun shined through the windows on my silk flower =)
so way behind on this due to life stuff but still trying =)))
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Your welcome +tiffany faneese

Day 7 ~ Fly
I would like to believe this was my first sighting of a Golden Eagle but I cannot say with certainty. It was large, and it was flying right over me and it was gorgeous! 
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+tiffany faneese me too! That's why I liked your capture, Tiffany ;)
Day 6 ~ Chair
This belongs to my iron bistro set in my garden. My daughter and I would have tea outside when she was younger. I should start doing that again ...
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Lovely :))) Want also one ! ;))  +tiffany faneese 
Day 5 ~ Something beginning with "i" 
Incense ~ had to light up my lavender for relaxation. I need a day of doing nothing =))
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Mais vc tambem
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Have her in circles
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Dust Bunny Slayer
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I am also an organic food eating, trash recycling, animal loving, war hating, wine drinking brilliant brunette with many blonde moments 

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Love the fact that it is all new ~ comfortable seating ~ friendly staff ~ and buttery buttered popcorn!!
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
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This is a very small park. Has one basketball court and thankfully some nice new equipment playground equipment for smaller children which hopefully will not be destroyed by vandals (again) Parking lot is way too small and difficult to drive in and out of especially if there are other folks visiting.
Public - 2 years ago
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The Tomato Florentine soup was creamy and perfect. I found the Spinach pasta savory and the sweet green tea was really good
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
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To have a chance to feed the deer and watch them up close was amazing. My kids had so much fun spending time with all of the animals, we could have spent an entire day there. Looking forward to a 4th visit soon!
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what Xbox Mud said
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Comfortable room as far as cleanliness and mattresses go, good hot breakfast, however could not enjoy a full night's rest with the whining sirens off the freeway -1 star. Not a good location for peace and quiet. I would recommend staying at a hotel further off the road Flagstaff.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago