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Electric self guided Air vehicle

2700 Broderick Way in Mountain View is a completely unmarked building, the home of Aero Zee. Can you say stealth?
The web site talks about vehicle autonomy, advanced aerodynamics, and electric propulsion.

Vehicle autonomy and intelligent control have to do with the world of sensors, robotics, computational reasoning, Darpa, and don’t forget Flash Gordon (science fiction is often the breeding ground for future reality).
I would be surprised if Sergay Brin, Larry Page, Elon Musk or Richard Bronson did not have some investment/influence in this enterprise.

A large number of vertical propellers sit atop the wings of this vehicle.
This vehicle was shrouded as much as possible with a cover over much of its body.

A slideshow on the web explains “Vehicle autonomy and intelligent control.” UC Riverside.
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This whole building seems strange. Its address above the entrance says 1200. No signs as to what the company is named or what it does. It has a bizarre net over the entrance to the parking lot and then there is the cage that is visible in your picture. To name a few of the oddities. Why so secretive? I'm a bit suspicious.
it's a start up. That is why I said stealth. Are you in technology? btw people would be suspicious of you as well with no picture, no posts and no about you.
Your post was the first I have seen about this business. And so I commented because I'M SO CURIOUS!

Well thank you for your response. Sorry I'm not an active google+ user.
Wait, sorry, one more question. How do you know about all this?
I ride my bicycle 100-200 miles per week.
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