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2012 Perseid meteor shower from the top of Taylor pass in Colorado.

this was only about 3 hours of exposure time on the day after the peak. there are a few strays in this shot (not Perseid meteors) generally all Perseid are the same color (green tails, purple centers and white heads)  a few of these are pure white and are probably just some regular meteors/space trash.

I wish someone made a fisheye with a f/1.4 lens, its amazing how many meteors you just don't get when shooting at f/2.8

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wow +thomas o'brien - that's awesome. How do you do that with the movement of the stars? This is multiple exposures, no? Are you merging images but only the meteor streaks? on your favorite background?
i shoot a timelapse then I bring all photos that have a meteor in them into photoshop to combine them into a single exposure.  i always pick the best shot out of the images with a meteor in them to be the background
Ha! Just saw the other one at moonrise, and changed my mind. I want to run that one! I'll have 'em up in the a.m. Thanks! And wow, just wow. Gorgeous shots.
Beautiful! I went out with full intention of snapping pics all night to get some meteors, clouds rolled in by the time I got focus. Great shot +thomas o'brien 
So is that the bright lights of Gunnison on that cloud? Lol. At least I'm guessing it's sunset...
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