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2012 Perseid meteor shower overlooking Denver Colorado.

taken from the summit of the 14000' Mt. Evans on the peak of the shower.
prints available here

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All of the above, and yes, thank you very much for sharing your great photos.
What a great place to view the meteor shower!
I've seen hundreds of meteor shower shots the last few days - this one is the best, by far.
My brother's comment: "The Empire Attacks Colorado"
Awww...! I wanted to do that!
Man that must be beautiful country
Thomas my gosh, gorgeous shots! I must say they are my favorite shots from this meteor shower! If you don't mind me asking... what camera did you use to take these?
Sahil, if you click on the photo, then in the Comment stream on the right, the "Photo details" will usually give you the camera information that was saved.  This was a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
That's only 5 seconds? I would have thought 20 or 30. But I guess at 1600iso it makes sense.
Great Pic Thomas, how many photos did you take? and did you orientate the meteors path?
agh thanks so much! I am experimenting with photography, and the results you got with this were just amazing! 
An amazing photo, certainly one of the best, if not the best, taken during this year's Perseids shower.
Your remark of the REALLY REALLY bright Denver, seen from up there, is perfectly illustrated in this shot. Also from up there, but a bit more than 14,000 feet. Actually, from aboard the ISS, at night, from 188 miles above. Nikon D3S, 80 mm, f 2.8, 1/15, ISO 12800.
very awesome capture, mate - wished i could have been on the northern hemisphere. view not so good Downunder ;)  Thanks for sharing!
Hi Tom - I sent you an email about licensing use of your Mt. Evans panormic.  Any reply?
Like both, but actually think I prefer this one.  Super cool.
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